MM 3-7: Monochrome Stubbornness

Sometimes I’m a bit on the stubborn side. Or let’s call it persistent. When I feel a photo, I don’t care about how bad it is technically.

So here we have it, Orbetello from the monastery half way to the top of Monte Argentario.

Why would anybody boast their meagre zoom like this? It made me happy, that’s why. And it was my birthday.

Orbetello lies on a peninsula in the middle of the lagoon. I looked down and saw a pine tree trunk dividing the left bank of the lagoon into two neat parts. This is to the right of the trunk, as taken. For some reason I felt it had potential.

Left of the trunk (only slightly fixed, this is the open sea and it’s darker, whereas above is the lagoon and is lighter in colour):

As you can see here all together:

As for black and white, here it is. This theme is making it easier to compare. No contest. But there is still something. Can you tell that I used to play with postcards as a child?

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Leanne Cole’s MM 3-7: Monochrome Madness

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    1. Thank you, SSW! 🙂

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  1. tomrains says:

    Color, black and white, sepia, it’s all appealing!

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    1. Thanks, Tom. 🙂 Perfection is the same every time, and the appeal is hopefully in what separates us from the rest.

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