What did I do?

This post has been spurred by TheSnowMeltsSomewhere (Else) and her visit to Alien-styled bar and museum in Switzerland.

If I was drinking coffee with IT breathing down my neck, I’d feel a bit as I felt in this unassuming but good restaurant in Sovana with this Mom looking down on me. That the cheeky unisex toilet (not a rarity in Italy) only appeared to be out-of-order so that hordes of tourists leave it alone is another matter. Sorry, Mom, I’m eating your relatives, I know. But mine as well.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

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  1. Hahah, happy to inspire you 😉 (and how rude to pretend the toilet doesn’t work!)

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    1. Thank you, SSW! Yes, rude is not far from it. There are other rude anti-tourist measures around here, sadly.

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      1. Strange, I always found Italians so friendly and welcoming… Must be work stress in the service industry?

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      2. Nope. It’s tactical. And you don’t stand a chance, they’ve been doing it for centuries. For example when you enter a bar (at least in Roma), they will take great care in finding a spot for you to sit down. Seeing that if you have espresso standing up, they must not charge you over 1 euro, it’s the law. Try having one sitting down and then argue about it. But this is well known.

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      3. They have that espresso thing in France, too 🙂

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  2. fiftywordsdaily says:

    I’ve nominated you for a thingy – feel free to ignore. Just wanted to tell the world about your blog anyway! Best wishes, Nick.

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    1. Oh Nick, you did, didn’t you. 🙂 I’ve read the questions. As it it, there is a line in my About me about awards and nominations. (Don’t do it.) These are quite fascinating questions, though, very curious about answers to a few. I share your love of the green mile. Thank you for choosing to include me, of all bloggers!

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      1. fiftywordsdaily says:

        Oh sorry about that; must have forgotten. No stress. Just wanted to sing your praises! Just answer the ones you like if you prefer. Or just ignore me! It won’t – sniff, sniff – be the first time……

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      2. Ahh, did I ignore you once before? Where was that, in some online game? 😉

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      3. fiftywordsdaily says:

        Yikes – I didn’t mean you specifically! And anyway, I don’t play that game anymore, not after what happened with those twins….and the egg whisker….took hours to sort that out with the military police….

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