SL-WEEK 47: Big blue things

Sylvain says “Blue” and I think of the ferry to the Isola del Giglio. The sea and the sky are blue too. No wonder 25 photos got gathered. Let them, I’ve been sitting on them for over a year.

“Here I am, a small blue thing,” sang Suzanne Vega, instead I give you big blue things, such as the ferry to the Isola del Giglio, which translates as “Lily Island”, the sea and the sky. Even though I’ve limited the photos to only those that I took on and off the ferry (except the last two), there are plenty. Have a lovely late (last year’s) May trip with me.

The island is about 45 minutes by ferry from Porto Santo Stefano, and it’s quite expensive to get there, even if you leave the car behind (and pay for the parking). Even the dog needed to pay. He had company though. He must have thought this was the love boat.

Here are views from the ferry as they happened: first Porto Santo Stefano and then coming closer and closer to the port of Giglio with its amazing colours.

I found the ferry rather photogenic and had fun taking these on the way there and on return too.

Photos from the island itself would be an overkill, they must wait for another post, hopefully not one more year. Here are just two, of two big things: first a crane, and then a ship that is no more.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 47: Blue

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  1. anglogermantranslations says:

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  2. 😀 Yeaah! Singing!


  3. Tout ce beau bleu. It will please Sylvain for sure! And me by the way.

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    1. Yeah! Merci, Mamie! 🙂


  4. i Traveled on costa concordia one time… It was a scary boat… in the storm !

    nice entry for the blue theme

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    1. Oyoyoy, scary indeed. I just hope it never happens again. Merci!

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  5. Delightful, made me laugh! Dogs’ love boat, what an idea! And so many lovely shades of blue. But since you failed the level test, you must go back and try again! 😉

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    1. SSW, not a problem! And I shall fail again! It’s just that the entire coast and Tuscany as such is so beautiful, and free, that one really doesn’t need to pay so much just to go on an island.

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      1. Lucky you! Here… can’t say the same

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