Auguri, nonno!

June the 1st was for her, today, July the 1st, is for him. My maternal grandparents, wife and husband, one half of those who started the fire that became me.
Somebody said she looks like Ingrid Bergman. 🙂

Grandpa, who knows if you’d find it particularly charming that tomorrow Italy and Germany fight over a game of calcio, the sport you liked so much. They will not be able to split the victory as they once divided occupied Slovenia.

Some say calcio is the game in which 11 men play against 11 men and Germany wins, but they obviously didn’t live to see how the Italian nation watches their team play (of course, I can only speak for my immediate Italians):

They have the game on but don’t even glance at the screen. And then it’s over and they nod knowingly and when I ask who won, they throw me that strange look which explains why skier Tina Maze, the most successful Slovenian sportswoman of all times, had an Italian trainer.

There is no question who you’d be cheering on, not just because your granddaughter has landed in Italy, of all places.

Even though I’ve already posted them on my first blog, here are some old photos again, taken by my father who left his native Maribor and moved to Ljubljana to live with all these people: mom and me, my uncle, grandmother, grandfather and maternal great grandmother. The first two photos were taken in the garden I showed you yesterday and the uncle is the same, too.

Happy birthday, dedek Janez, and thank you very much for everything, especially your daughter. Even though the son is not bad either. 😀

Photo: BM

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  1. What awesome photos of childhood!

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    1. Thank you, Joseph, indeed, and I have my father to thank for them.

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  2. DPNews says:

    Great photo! Really interesting!

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    1. Thanks, DPN! Glad you enjoyed them.

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  3. Maggie C says:

    Wonderful photos! I love it when there are four-generation gatherings.

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    1. Thanks, Maggie, they are pretty special, yes.

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  4. Great photos, blondie! And she does look like a film star

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    1. Hihih, the blondie part stopped after hitting school, by itself. And yes, she was our star. ❤

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  5. joey says:

    Charming! I was a blanket rubber, too. My mother sewed satin on the edges, and I rubbed them across my face to sleep. Sassy does this too, with the quilt my dad made her before she was born. It’s too small to cover her now, so she keeps it on her pillow 🙂

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    1. Satin, sweet. I was partial to little strings of wool hanging off my yellow blanket, they tickled the best. 🙂

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