WPC: Oppo-sites

Rome is one big bag of opposites: itself vs. its lawlessness, its history vs. hordes of tourists, the ancient vs. the new. Since very recently it’s got a new mayor, Ms Raggi of the promising Five Star Movement. Big hopes that Virginia can bring about necessary changes, no matter that many call her task mission impossible.

But this is not a collection of eye sores that need to be worked on, even though they exist too. These images are merely reflections of what opposites look like to me. In the image above, for example, the scene shows something that shouldn’t stand any more by all logic, or at least not in the middle of Europe. Let’s look at other examples.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Opposites

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  1. You describe Rome very well, Manja. That was exactly my impression of the city.

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    1. Oh, thanks, Jean! 🙂 I’m glad we share opinions. Of course, I have never lived in Roma for longer than a couple of days. Let’s see how the Mayor tackles the hard parts.

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  2. maksi2016 says:

    We (present on your blog) vs. absent

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    1. For example, who is absent? Trump? 😀


  3. What a great way to tour the city. Opposites make us see each scene in 2 (or more) ways!

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    1. Indeed, Claudia. But it became obvious to me only after I saw the prompt and went looking through my Rome photos.

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  4. joannesisco says:

    Is there such a thing as a bad photo of Rome? I just love this city so much. The first photo is my favourite – gorgeous!!!

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    1. Well, Joanne… Photos of trash one could call bad. If you go out of the centre, it gets bad pretty quickly in this regard. I have not yet taken the tour of the Fori Imperiali, so this view from nearby came as a huge surprise.

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      1. joannesisco says:

        That’s really sad to hear. I guess the core is kept pristine for the tourists.

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      2. Until tourists mess it up again. 🙂

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  5. Fun idea! Well done, too (not just complimenting the idea, hahhah!)

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    1. Thanks, SSW. As I said above, I didn’t take them with the purpose of creating this post. 😀 The theme came after.

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  6. Love your take on the challenge, Manja, great captures! Thanks for sharing! Marcus

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    1. Thank you very much, Marcus, and for the follow. I’m glad you find it interesting.

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