Seven Saturday scenes

Six orangey images from Orbetello and one with an orange product bought there to lure Snow(Luckily)MeltsSomewhere(Else).

Snow writes (in the link above) how she only now tasted her first Crodino after numerous visits to Italy, and upon returning home to Finland she just had to order them online.

When I was telling about it to amore, I forgot the word – since I’ve never heard it before either, even after living in Italy for three years – and had to check. When he heard the name of the drink in question he said: “That! That’s been around forever!”

And when I bought a few, in two different tastes as you can see in the last photo, he said: “But you bought Crodino Twist! Why not the regular Crodino?” So… the quest continues. But these will be taken to Slovenia and shared with my family. I have a feeling they will like them. No alcohol and all.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

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  1. joey says:

    It’s Monday again, so I’ll take some pensiero stupendo, please 🙂

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    1. Hehhe, Joey, one pensiero stupendo coming up for 75!

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  2. Hahah, fun post! 😉 I like the way they pose with your books! Very sophisticated. And orange in color, which is lovely! 😀 As for your relatives, they can always mix them with alcohol!! Prosecco might work (is that the recipe for Spritz?) Did you try any?

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    1. No! Saving all for Slovenia. 😀 I’ll report how it mixes. Glad you like the colour scheme!

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      1. I’ll be waiting nervously…!

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  3. Suvi says:

    I think these would work in hot climates. I mean sometimes wine just makes your head blurry if it’s too hot out 😉

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    1. True, Suvi, even my one glass of red wine with the meal is proving deadly lately.

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