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Finally it’s raining and I can put up some photos as an illustration of my stay in the country of origin. Petra, don’t stop reading! The cake is coming up!

I’ve been all over the place and it’s hard to organise thoughts and images. We have been treated so well by my family and friends that I don’t know where to start.

The annual tarock card garden tournament, 14th already, was excellent and calm and sunny, and father proved that there is none higher. Thank you, parents, for your help and good spirits, and uncle for the territory and patience and lifted blinds, and sis for the coffee.

Then it was mountain time. I didn’t even realise how much I’d been missing them. A friend took me and amore in his shiny sneakers on a visit to the Alpine valley Logarska dolina by the Savinja river, and “picture-postcard” doesn’t quite describe it. You’ll have to see it for yourselves (and pay 7 EUR to enter the valley with the car). We walked for not even 15 minutes to Rinka Waterfall and a bar built as an eagle nest above the waterfall – hence its name Eagle Nest. Gelato in Mozirje rounded up a beautiful day. Thank you, Alenka!

Yesterday we had a stroll around hot Ljubljana but since we came from 35 degrees in Roma it felt like a breeze in comparison. We had lunch with friends and they alerted us to Torta Ljubljana, Ljubljana Cake, a cake designed to represent several typical Slovenian regions and products. Thus it contains buckwheat, chestnuts, figs and pumpkin seeds (and chocolate). If you go, ask the seller to include the fairy-tale about the origin of the cake. It’s available in several languages. We took some home as well and father proclaimed this the news of the day. Thank you, Petra and Marjan!

For me the news of the day came late in our walk: all of a sudden familiar Ljubljana landscape was intersected by a novelty – a minaret. Ljubljana is getting its first džamija, or mosque. For some reason I find this news calming and reassuring.

Photo: a © signature mmm production (except the one of us)

Meanwhile, Slovenia has its first Olympic medal this year. Judoist Tina pinned them all down one by one. (In comparison, Italy already has 9 of them but nobody is counting.) It’s good to be in the country for this. So many Slovenians only allow themselves to get emotional over sports.

As for the rain, today we have tickets for an open-air, no-roof concert with a bunch of students as part of Festival Urbano dejanje. The ticket was 3 EUR in presale. In comparison, in Italy for 3 EUR you are lucky to get gelato. I hope it stops raining. I’d be terribly sorry to miss these excellent Slovenian – but not sounding it – guys:

Whereas tomorrow, tomorrow it’s hiphop night. Either you’re a rapper or you ain’t.

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  1. joey says:

    I am worn out reading all of that! I could do about half of that before exhaustion sets in. Then I would like some peace and quiet and oh, some of that cake! Wow that cake! 😛

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    1. Hehe, Joey, I believe you! A few more days of similar, then the 7-hour drive back, and then reeeeest.

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  2. tomrains says:

    Stunning pictures! Slovenia has never been on my to-see list but now it is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great, Tom, I’m glad I’ve put it there!

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  3. Norm 2.0 says:

    Spectacular scenery and cake too! I love it 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Norm. I’ve just come from the concert. It was raining some but we found a roof. Also – as I entered the venue, without my camera, I saw doors in tens lined one next to the other as an art installation or something. Tomorrow when I return for the hiphop gig, I’ll show them and take my camera.

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  4. So, how did the rap concert go? 🙂 Lovely post, sounds like good times! So happy for you. And really, Slovenia looks so much like Italy in your pictures!

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    1. Hihi, SMSW, it was wicked! Mom and a 16-year-old friend burst backstage past all security to greet the rapper who was the special guest at mom’s birthday party. 😀 Funny thing is that Slovenia can also look like Austria or Hungary, depending on where you go. BTW, Slovenia beat Sweden last night in Rio in handball! Only victories so far! Weeeee! Plus two more medals, totalling 3, not that we’re counting. 😀

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  5. I’m happy you had a rainy day, because I loved these photos! The one of the alps is spectacular!!

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    1. Thank you, Maria, I’ve got so many and need to organise them. Will do.


  6. badfish says:

    Hey…is that a sign from Slovenijales? I mean, their sign? And thanks for the shout out and for thinking of me! I remember they made those rocking chairs out of cane or something, that they bent. Love the photo in the Alps! Is that anywhere near Bled? I feel like I should go back there soon. Yugoslavia was my first big travel experience–ran out of money twice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, everything starts with Yugoslavia. 🙂 Yes, this is the building of Slovenijales now. These mountains are not near Bled, more to the east. In Slovenia we have two separate Alps and Karavanke as well, but nothing is really far from each other. Consider that a supersonic that lifts off in Italy and flies above Slovenia must request Hungary for their air space access because Slovenia is too short for the plane to make a turn above it. We shall see if your feeling is correct.


      1. badfish says:

        Everything does start with Yugoslavia! You know, I’ve been thinking. And I now believe you were/are right. I remember standing at the bottom of the hill looking up and taking a picture of the castle. BUT, my memory at the top and taking the picture down…in that memory there is no castle in my mind. But there must have been, eh? Just maybe we couldn’t go inside…or something?

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      2. Well, since I needed one more year to be born it’s really not easy for me to say. Possibly it was closed for reconstruction, yes. I told you that the crane was up there for so many years that it became a fixture and children were drawing it as if it was an attraction itself.


      3. badfish says:

        Yeah closed. But not for construction, there was no construction, there was no crane.


      4. I guess reconstruction hasn’t started yet then. “No crane” I read as “no crime”. More coffee.

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      5. badfish says:

        Yeah, I think that’s right. Don’t know when it did start. But when I went back in late 90’s, it was finished, and a guy I met said he’d seen the crane up there his whole life…he must have been 20-something.

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      6. Oh, so you returned! I was 20-something too. Maybe we passed each other in the street.


      7. badfish says:

        Yeah…I think I did see you there, now I think of it.

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