Thursday Doors, August 11

Today three Savinja valley doors and three photos of each.

First, a lovely little mountain hut almost in the end of the Logarska valley where we had a snack with a magnificent view of the mountains. More photos from here coming up in future posts. As I was admiring the little house, I had to turn the corner to realise it is actually a “koča potujoča”, a travelling hut or better still, a trailer. And there was the door. As Bosnian band Plavi orkestar used to sing: “What use is a house to us truckers – ours is a travelling home.”

I liked this house by a little stream in Mozirje, including the door.

We ended the day with ice-cream next to the Church of St. George in Mozirje.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

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  1. Suvi says:

    A travelling home! That’s my fave as it seems so unique 😀

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    1. Yes, Suvi, even though here it’s stationery and used to sell souvenirs. 🙂

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    Three beautiful sets of doors. The church doors are wonderful, with the carvings and the 1/3 – 2/3 split (which I always like) but the (front?) door on the trailer is my favorite today. Simple and utilitarian works for me sometimes.

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    1. Thank you, Dan. It’s ultra picture-postcard but it works somehow.

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  3. dennyho says:

    The best looking trailer I’ve ever seen!!!

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    1. Thanks, Danny! 🙂


  4. maksi2016 says:

    Grapes and the sea anchor on the church door in the alpine Mozirje?
    Wishful thinking? 😉

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    1. 😀 A bit optimistic, yes.


  5. Norm 2.0 says:

    Love them all but the church door with its carvings is my fave 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Norm. I love it when a door like this one and ice-cream round up a day.

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  6. I really like the church, but the traveling home has to be my favorite. It’s so attractive besides being mobile!


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    1. Thanks, Janet. I wonder if they take it on the road sometimes too.


  7. joannesisco says:

    The church door really intrigues me … in particular the cross, anchor, and heart. It seems to be an early coat-of-arms because it shows up above the door too. Very different!

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    1. Yes, Joanne, this coat-of-arms is my favourite too, seems like a ready-made tattoo!

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  8. I love that little mountain hut, Manja. I want to put a similar one in our back garden so that visitors can stay there.

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    1. Jean, that’s a lovely and thoughtful thought. 🙂 They would be overjoyed.

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  9. I like the tiny traveling house. A lot. It’s a fairy tale kind of house, I think.

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    1. Claudia, thanks. This house would love to travel some more, I’m sure, but it’s in such a spectacular location right now that it got lazy.


      1. And a good decision.

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  10. joey says:

    Oh wow! That traveling home is gorgeous, but I cannot get over that church. That’s just incredible, every bit of it. Stunning!

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    1. Oh, Joey, I’m glad to see you so happy, there are so many similar churches over here and so little time.

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