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    1. Ohh, it was, Dan! 🙂 Uncle who waited with bestia outside of the crowd grinned as widely as the dog did upon seeing me approach with a couple of roast sandwiches.

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  1. joey says:

    Haha, it must have been agony 😉

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  2. My English teacher must have never read F. Scott Fitzgerald, because his favorite thing to tell us students was that “life was never meant to be easy” (when assigning us homework!) 🙂 PS. Poor bestia, indeed! Luckily his wait was rewarded, right?

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    1. Ohh, SMSW, look at it again, it’s double negation, a big no-no in English generally. I’m quite sure he did it on purpose to say the same thing as your teacher. And he did the good job with the homework on you! 🙂 Bestia almost immediately snatched a big piece of meat that fell off my richly stuffed and loosely wrapped sandwich. 😀

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      1. Oh, true! Cleverly disguised!

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