Ti amo

You see them everywhere, declarations of love. Where somewhere else you’d see expressions of hatred, bigotry, intolerance, Italians scream their devotion. Reason number 213849 to love Italy.

It’s true, the fans of city rivals, “Roma” and “Lazio” calcio clubs, don’t like each other very much. They call the opponent “rabbit”. Auch!

In Roma’s Monteverde district.

Other than this they love and are not shy to tell it to the world. I have gathered some examples below (some of which will be familiar form previous posts).

But the most striking thing I saw (yet not photograph) was a scene in front of a hospital in Rome. While in it a child must have been fighting for his or her life, outside relatives and friends have left get-well notes and messages on big banners, posters and the like. I thought it was all to greet a celebrity of some sorts, but this is how a disease is fought around here. With open displays of affection.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

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  1. And it’s all said so poetically!

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    1. Yes, Claudia, I think so too. Even though it’s sometimes easier to find poetry in another language.

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      1. Yes, interesting thought. I wonder why that is? I’m going to be thinking about this.

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      2. I think it’s the novelty of it. In our three-lingual (+ dog) household it’s easy to always invent something new. On a good day it even sounds like poetry. 🙂

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  2. joey says:

    What the world needs now…
    Love is all ya need…

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    1. Thanks, Joey. Very much agree, and pretty much all, yes.

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  3. fkasara says:

    As an Italian, I have to say that, honestly, I hate the ‘disruptive’ declarations of love like those damn locks you see around Rome, Verona and so on…they are too many, they even made lampposts collapse and endanger bridges because of their weight! I honestly think people should be more respectful of the monuments.

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    1. Thanks, Sara. Was it Italians who started the lock craze? It’s everywhere now! It’s exaggerated, and sad to see what so many people would prefer to do with their love: lock it and throw away the key. I prefer little exclamations or whispers like these written ones.


      1. fkasara says:

        Yeah, it was in a book for teenagers and the craze started in Ponte Milvio in Rome.

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  4. Ah, amore! I hope they never change!

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    1. Right, Angela, to have something unchanging to hang on to. Easier to live this way. 🙂

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      1. There is so much hatred in the world -just look at the Internet- I think any demonstration of love is a breath of fresh air!

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  5. So cute! And “rabbit”, that’s bad! 😅

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    1. Hihih SMSW, right? So edgy! Glad to see you! Always missing you when you’re not here.

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      1. It’s so dark and cold here in Finland that I’ve been super tired. After work I feel like I have no energy left! It’s like this every winter, SAD syndrome. Luckily I’ve a million post drafts so I can just keep publishing them without much effort – the bad thing about that is that I haven’t been keeping up with following blogs! 🙂 Happy to visit you here again 🙂

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  6. awtytravels says:

    I echo the other Italians expressing their distaste for scribbles and ‘tags’ littering our cities’ walls and trains. Italian laws are notoriously lax about it, to the point that we’ve got vandal tourism from elsewhere in Europe to ruin the trains that we pay with our taxes.

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    1. Thank you for your opinion. I agree in general terms. Each of these examples made my day though.

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