Ljubljana of my life

Today is the day when I can smell the snow. This takes me back to when Ljubljana, Slovenia, was home, snow was reality and all futures were potential.

But first a short recap of last week on my blog:

  1. Several examples of what chaos can look like before the real chaos struck later in the week;
  2. three Monday windows;
  3. images from Etruscan Vetulonia including views and tombs;
  4. a whole lot of doors from Roma with a brief political commentary;
  5. a tiny 100-word story from the womb with a sunrise, a sunset and full moon;
  6. a compilation of my various doors for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

And now a collection of images taken in my birthplace on many occasions, in summer and winter and in between. See if you wish to see more for yourselves.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

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  1. One of my favorite capital cities in Europe. Wish I spent more time there.

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    1. Ooo, how lovely to hear this, thank you! I hope you return one day.

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  2. Susanne says:

    Look at those fabulous mountains in the last photo! What a beautiful city you come from.

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    1. It’s true, Susanne. Not that I didn’t know it then, but distance certainly colours it in. Thank you!

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  3. Dragon Bridge is my favorite!

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  4. joey says:

    Snow, Tree, Devil’s pointy tail 🙂 Good stuff!

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    1. Oh yes, Joey, a city to grow up in! Thanks!

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  5. fkasara says:

    Shame on me I never visited Slovenia!!
    It’s great you can smell the snow, too…lots of people can’t tell the difference, but I feel it: it’s a subtle and delicate smell, but snow DOES smell ❄

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    1. You can still do it, it’s not so far. 🙂 The thing is that I smelled something this weekend that reminded of how snow smelled back in Slovenia – it’s just that I was in Roma! It indeed dropped to 4 degrees C in the night, but snow was still far away.

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  6. misselenka says:

    Amazing view! 😍

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    1. Thank you, Miss Elenka. Have you been to Slovenia yet?

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      1. misselenka says:

        Unfortunately, not yet.. but I definitely should!

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