Three January Monday windows

On this cold Monday, two windows from Ljubljana and one photo taken today back home in Tuscany where it’s almost as cold as in Slovenia.

In Rome fountains are dripping icicles. In Croatia the Adriatic Sea is freezing, there is snow on Mount Ilija on Pelješac peninsula where we used to roam, and the Neretva river is freezing where it flows into the sea. Slovenia, on the other hand, has a drought and there is no snow, not even on the highest mountains. Upside down world… Or maybe, as a tweet by Morgan Murphy says, “the climate is just changing cuz it got famous”.

Photo: © signature mmm

For Ludwig’s Monday Window challenge

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  1. J’aime bien ta dernière phrase… et les portes… wow

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    1. Merci, Mamie! But is ‘les portes’ doors or windows? 😉


  2. Ici aussi on gèle…

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    1. Do you know how to ice-skate?


  3. carol1945 says:

    Windows are another favorite topic of mine along with doors!! I absolutely love your quote: The “climate is just changing cuz it just got famous”.

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    1. Thank you, Carol. The tweet was not mine though, but rather by Morgan Murphy. I should make it clear.

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      1. carol1945 says:

        Yes, I realized that, you were pretty clear. Not to worry.

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  4. Dan Antion says:

    I love the reflection in that first photo!

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    1. Thank you, Dan. The reflected building is very considerately nicknamed the “Indian Embassy”.

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    1. Thank you, Ludwig. As for the new rules…….. hmmmmmmmmmm……

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      1. Ludwig says:

        The “featured image” is in addition, not instead. Things will continue to work the same. The weekly announcement page will look more like a newspaper. Please try it for next week.

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  5. jan says:

    Love the creative coverings on that first windows!

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    1. Thank you, Jan! It’s a reflection.


  6. Joanne Sisco says:

    Oh MMM, I love the 2nd window. The shadows elevate this simple window to elegant.

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    1. Thank you, Joanne. One day I will tell the neighbour that her window appears on my blog. 🙂 And it’s not the first time either:

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