Klu in Asia 1

My sister (© klu) is much more of a globetrotter than I am, and yet she had never been to Asia before last November. This is the first part of her Thailand and Laos photos.

She kindly let me have her entire photographic memory to select and edit and post at will. Today some first impressions from the sky and of nature from the land. At least three more posts will follow. Seeing that I still haven’t been to Asia, it’s lovely to travel this way. Thank you, sis!

(Click on the first photo to see the Palm Island, scroll through the gallery and read location info by sis.)

Photo: © klu

Klu in Asia 2: Temples and Buddhas.
Klu in Asia 3: People, symbols and (non)coincidental inscriptions
Klu in Asia 4: Thursday Doors

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    1. Thank you, Jan, on behalf of sis!


    1. Thanks in her name, SMSW!

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