It was only right now that I realised that the name of this village is not really English-friendly.

But obviously the inhabitants of Šmartno, a small town in Goriška Brda wine region nicknamed “Slovenian Tuscany” (more photos from there here), do not take after the English pronunciation.

Aided by the European Union, Šmartno has been restored and transformed into a glorious example of Slovenian heritage, which brings about tourists and praise. And the name is actually derived from St. Martin, the patron of the church around which the town formed (and, as you’ll see one of these days, is gorgeous).

We took a lovely stroll, which resulted in numerous door, window, arch etc. photos that I’ll be posting happily for a while. One day soon we will have a look at a restored house where we were served hand-stirred hot chocolate and chocolate-nut-orange cake (“My wife made it,” said the owner proudly) which was so good that it made me proclaim it would be served at my 50th birthday. (NOT QUITE YET!)

But today a few “smart-yes” boards from Šmartno. The last features famous quotation by Carl Sagan:

“Something incredible is waiting to be known.”

How preposterous of me to first get its other sense. Must be all this waiting I do…

Photo: © signature mmm

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  1. joey says:

    Sounds like it’s worth going just for the chocolate affair! I look forward to more pics.

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    1. Right, Joey! Thanks!

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  2. carol1945 says:

    Your words and photos make me want to go there….and soon!

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    1. Oh, entire Slovenia is worth seeing. And you can do it in about a week too. 😉


  3. carol1945 says:

    I actually had no idea where Slovenia was, and so I looked it up; it is one of the newest countries, so I did not feel too bad about my ignorance. But I found out D. Trump’s young wife is from there, and that led to internet images I wish I had not seen or known about.

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    1. Hhahahh. Yeah, sorry about that. Concentrate on vistas! 😀 We have lovely lakes.

      25 years ago we became independent, yes. Before we were in Yugoslavia with Serbs and Croats and Bosnians and Macedonians.

      I’m glad I’m making you explore!


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