Carlin says curse

They say that instead of cursing the darkness, one should light a candle. Nothing is mentioned, though, about cursing a lack of candles.
~ George Carlin (quotation reblogged from The Off Key Of Life)

Photo: © signature mmm

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  1. jan says:

    Loved George Carlin. You have an intriguing eye.

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    1. Thanks, Jan. I do as well. The eye, you mean to differentiate colours? 😉

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  2. jan says:

    A unique perspective – the ability to see the everyday as extraordinary. I assure you – it was compliment!

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    1. Ohh, thank you, I didn’t mean it was anything other, but just in this post I’m terribly disappointed with my blurry photos, so I made a little joke. And yes, I like to see the world as peculiar, but in these days there is absolutely no effort involved – everything seems off.


  3. lifelessons says:

    When my husband was dying, I rented a number of videos for him–to pass the time and help him deal with the pain. The only ones he watched were of George Carlin. He said his time left was too valuable to be wasted on anything else.

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    1. Oh Judy, this is certainly what I’d call going out in style and spending one’s time prudently. And bitter-sweet too. ❤

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      1. lifelessons says:

        I was trying to relieve his pain and help the time go quickly. I guess as he knew time was running out, he wanted it to go as slowly as possible. But, he also wanted a big clock immediatley in front of him on the wall so he knew what time it was at all times.

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  4. Cee Neuner says:

    Well seen and captured. Wonderful entry for this week. 😀

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    1. Thanks, Cee, but for this week of what? “Try to not get upset with America” challenge? 😉


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