Tanti auguri, Anima

Today celebrates mom’s cousin who comes closest to an aunt I never had.

Let’s have a look at a few fun facts:

  • Her name translates as Soul or Anima.
  • She paints and makes jewellery and then gifts her art.
  • She has been learning Italian and was fascinated with Italian hand gestures when amore was showing her some.
  • She always loved playing with legos when she came to visit and I was little.
  • She loves to play Dixit and even made the 7th player’s rabbit when we needed it.
  • She gifted me lots of records just because.
  • She (okay, and her husband) organised a wonderful trip to “Slovenian Tuscany” for our last visit.

When we met at the petrol station, she handed me a hand-written note with all the stops and the designated meeting-place should we separate. If I didn’t know it yet, that’s when I would realise how serious this was to be.

First, here is a selection of her photographs from this trip, which you can tell from the little ©Duša watermark.

Photo: © Duša

Let me add some of my photos from this trip to round up the experience.

Photo: © signature mmm

And now, a song by one of amore’s favourite artists about closed mouth for you to present in your Italian class. He said “But it’s in the Roman dialect!” I told him that your Italian is already so advanced that you can start paying attention to details. And there are gestures too.

A bocca chiusa – Daniele Silvestri

Fatece largo che … passa domani, che adesso non si può
oggi non apro, perché sciopererò
e andremo in strada co’ tutti gli striscioni
a fare come sempre la figura dei fregnoni
a me de questo sai, non me ne importa niente
io oggi canto in mezzo all’altra gente
perché ce credo o forse per decenza
ché partecipazione certo è libertà ma è pure resistenza

E non ho scudi per proteggermi né armi per difendermi
né caschi per nascondermi o santi a cui rivolgermi
ho solo questa lingua in bocca e forse un mezzo sogno in tasca
e molti, molti errori brutti, io però li pago tutti

Fatece largo che passa il corteo e se riempiono le strade
via Merulana, così pare un presepe
e semo tanti che quasi fa paura
o solo tre sfigati come dice la questura
e le parole, si lo so, so’ sempre quelle
ma è uscito il sole e a me me sembrano più belle

Scuola e lavoro, che temi originali
se non per quella vecchia idea de esse tutti uguali

E senza scudi per proteggermi né armi per difendermi
né caschi per nascondermi né santi a cui rivolgermi
con solo questa lingua in bocca e se mi tagli pure questa
io non mi fermo, scusa,
canto pure a bocca chiusa

Guarda quanta gente c’è che sa rispondere dopo di me
a bocca chiusa

Cin cin, cara Duša! I wish you plenty of health, joy and creativity, and to all of us more such well-organised, scenic and informative trips. Ci vediamo and pridi cai!

And as a reminder, here are two posts from my first blog for your last two birthdays: 2015 and 2016.

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  1. badfish says:

    Now don’t tell me this isn’t a new theme??? I haven’t been away that long have I? Good to be back after being MIA. Love being back to your place here, your rambles. And photos. But who’s Dusa???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You said the same the last time you came over, Badfish. I’m glad you’re impressed. 😀 This is my second blog. It’s been running since last May and has had the Dyad theme throughout. The theme has two formats: split screen and this full screen one.

      Duša – which translates as Soul or Anima – is mom’s cousin and the first gallery in this post contains her photos.

      It’s always great to see you hop around and find your way over.


      1. badfish says:

        I know, I thought you changed AGAIN! It looks different. Hopping…yeah…not much time for writing posts, let alone hopping around and commenting and reading others. I hate work.

        Liked by 1 person

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