WPC: A good match these days is hard to find


First, as usually, here is the past week on my blog in bullet-points, which is better than bullets. There were:

While waiting for the Oscars, wondering if I’ll last long enough to see what America comes up with next (pardon, California), I noticed this scary graph:

This is what happens when you’re spoilt. When I started my first blog and had very few visitors, I wasn’t upset at all about it, I did it as a kind of diary and collection of memories and moments, “for me”, as we say.

Now I cry when I see two visitors during the entire Sunday and not much more on Saturday. Not really cry but wonder what happened. True, I haven’t posted anything for the full two days. This must be the reason. Yes? Or no?

What if I have been put on some sort of black list, to keep BBC company? Or is everybody outside this weekend, doing carnivals, picking spring flowers, performing those first garden works? Has something happened to 3/4 of the countries and all I’m watching on TV are reruns? I actually checked if either of the two visitors was American. It was. Once there was a song “Besuchen Sie Europa solange es noch steht“. Visit Europe as long as it still stands, and then do a world tour.

I feel that I’ve been reading too much. There are some really scary graphs around. In the past you were good as long as you stayed away from the ads. Now it’s everywhere: the control, the mind-fucks, the attempts to change how you think and what you do. That is, make you do nothing.

The following matches might not light any fires, but they warm my heart at least a little. And in times like these there is not much higher.

Meanwhile, all the Oscars have landed. LaLaLand still stands. One winner and one subject of the winning film were physically unable to attend due to prohibition of entry into the land.

Hm! Bluuuuu mmoooooolight after all. ♫♪

Everything is unravelling. Good night. (I suggest clicking on the first photo and proceeding horizontally.)

Photo: © signature mmm (except two: sis and me & amore and me)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: A Good Match

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  1. Girl…my graphs are always looks so on sunday. I think ppl want to relax on sundays/weekends in general, and they are not so often on wordpress as they usually are when working lol hahah yeah, we are working but we are on wordpress. the truth just been told!

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    1. And we can’t blame them for doing just that. 😀 I was just a bit in fear: We live in such times that it wouldn’t be too strange if internet is killed so that nobody can agree any more. I’d still agree with my dog though. Thanks, RayNot!

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      1. haha… no, I think whatever will happen – we can always send a letter. Please, send me Kevin Costner as a Postman then..he is hot :))

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Bahahah, he is all yours!

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      3. Don’t you think he’s HOT??? who is hotter than? :/ hmmmmm

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      4. It depends when you ask me. 😀 Right now I don’t have any actor I’d really like. In the past were Richard Hatch (“Battlestar Galactica”, just died), Christopher Reeve, Michael York, Andrew McCarthy, Rob Lowe, and then Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, and then Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, and I’m sure I forgot some. 😮 Ohh, Gary Oldman! And Alan Rickman!! (Dead too.) Oh yeah, Benicio del Toro!

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      5. Ok…we do so: I take Kevin Costner as a Postman, Russell Crowe as Gladiator, Johnny Depp as Pirate and Keanu Reeves as Matrix mmmm, Leo DiCaprio as …Leo bhahahaha the rest of guys is yours lololol

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  2. fkasara says:

    Try not to take it too personally: crowds are less on the Internet on the weekends as they are not in the office as the user above rightly said 😂

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    1. Oh, I know that, Sara, thanks. The drop was just so obvious. And I was in the whiny, damn-those-Oscars-take-forever-and-Italian-commentator-is-ruining-it mood. 😀

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    1. Well, it was a big feast. I thank that pig.


      1. ada says:

        It definitely looks like a big feast :o) How long did it take to roast it?

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      2. Oh, hours and hours, don’t really know, a friend was in charge. This was for my sister’s 30th birthday.

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