WPC: Easy peasy being green

Green is easily my favourite colour. Ask anybody. And dogs are my favourite animals.

Something happened on this day in 1999, and some green things happened ten years ago. Let’s start with these.

First of all, ten years ago I stopped smoking after twenty years and two packs a day, which is still the biggest victory of my (short) life (the rather amusing story on it here).

Next, I got my first digital camera. I took a long time choosing the model and then settled on Canon’s PowerShot A570 IS.  I cannot believe only ten years have passed since. Naturally, I was rather taken by it – it had much better manual settings than my next, present camera, a Nikon point-and-shoot – and by the sudden beauty of not paying attention to how many photos I take. All is free. Yeah!

The featured photo is part of the very first digital bunch I’ve ever taken. How do I know? Because its file name says “First bunch”. All the other photos in this post were taken in the same, my first digital year.

These are the greens that remind me of home (actually I posted more green photos from my hometown Ljubljana on the day WPC “green” theme was announced, unaware of it), and of happy years of happiness without a leash. And this brings us to the surprise we were in for the last March in the last millennium.

Somebody threw an entire litter of newborn puppies in the trash container in front of my parents’ house. We brought up three by the bottle, gave two away and kept one who grew into a fine specimen of retriever variety and lived to be 13. The entire story is here.

Happy birthday, Žak, our first dog and surprise of our lives!

And so when I got my camera, I regularly took it on our daily walks and took many green photos. Another thing I can’t believe is that Žak was already 8 years old at the time of these photos.

Here is a previous post with more photos for lovers of swimming dogs.

And now? A new bestia, a new Nikon and new Tuscan shades of green which you can see on my blog on a daily basis. Who would have guessed it in 2007.

Photo: © signature mmm

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

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  1. Dan Antion says:

    Nothing like a pup in green grass 🙂

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    1. Dan, it’s truly hard to top that. Thanks!

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  2. Green is my favorite color too! Another thing besides photography and birthday months that we share in common. 🙂

    I quit smoking about 32 yrs. ago after smoking for 14yrs, and I too was up to two packs a day. It’s great to be free of that habit!

    Your Zak was a pretty boy. What a lucky dog to end up on your parents doorstep. Dogs and horses are my favorite pet animals, and you know I love me some birds. 🙂

    Hope your Friday and week-end are wonderful!

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    1. Ahh, this is lovely, all of it, thank you, Deborah! Quite a lot in common indeed and it’s growing. Just… how do you mean, 32 years ago? 😮 In my mind’s eye this is exactly how old you are. 🙂

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      1. Oh my you’re my new BFF! 🙂 I’m going to be 60 this year. I can’t believe it myself!
        I don’t feel much older than 32 in my spirit.

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      2. See? Keep it up, it comes across. 🙂 That’s a grand number coming up then. Will do a big cin cin on the 12th.

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  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    All that greenery is so nice to look at during this time of year as we are (somewhat) patiently waiting for our first green of spring.

    It always makes me sad when I hear stories of pups and kittens abandoned to die. Glad to hear that particular litter of puppies found a happy ending 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, Joanne, it was a turbulent time, to raise this threesome, but we did it well. Originally there were 10 in the box. The vet picked three strong for us and we left the others there. First we thought to add the three to the litter of a female dog that we knew and just had her own, but we learnt from the owner that she was a bad mom and didn’t even take care of her own. So we did it instead. 🙂


      1. Joanne Sisco says:

        You are good people 🙂

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      2. How sweet of you to say this, Joanne! ❤


  4. Amy says:

    Love to see the pup having fun in green grass! Great photos!


    1. Thank you, Amy! This comment was rescued from spam as well, just like I wished to rescue your comment to my yesterday’s doors post. (I told you about it in a comment to your last post.) I wonder why your comments go to spam.

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      1. Amy says:

        I rescued 4, 5 comment from my spam bin yesterday.

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  5. The “I’ll jump” photo is so cute! Do you have photos like this hanging on your walls? I’d print them out and hang them up if this was my bestia and my photos 🙂

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    1. Ah, that’s a lovely thought, SMSW! I have one photo of Žak from when he was a puppy, and one of the current bestia but not on the wall, just in a little frame on a shelf. We are not much into photos on walls.

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  6. Saving the pups from the trash can was a great story and what a reward you got in Žak. Charmer. I am sure you miss him every day.
    I quit smoking and picked up photography too – I knew you were a kindred spirit! 💚💚💚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, very true, Lisa, he was one big reward. I’d miss him even more if I didn’t have my second bestia now. Even though the only thing they have in common is the fur colour and adoration of his owner. 😀 Žak was a gentleman, whereas this one – is a beastie. As for being two of a kind, I could sense it too. 🙂 I see that you saw my sailing post. There will be another one day soon with more focus on the beautiful views and not so much on booze. 😀


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