Vasja, live long and prosper!

Today our friend Vasja celebrates his 40th birthday. Here are some of his moments that I wish to share with you.

On the morning when I turned 40 (a bit ago), my mother’s friend, who I didn’t even know very well, called me on the phone and invited me to their Group 40+, which in my eyes was where Old People hung out. I found this call rather hard-hitting. Not too much so not to repeat it first chance I get. 😀

So, Vasja, welcome to Group 40+. It doesn’t bite, you’ll see. And now let’s have a look back.

Photo: © signature mmm (+ 2 with me by BM and Klu, I think)

The video below was recorded in January last year when you sang with the band on the stage of the renowned Orto Bar in Ljubljana, where I heard Clawfinger and Therapy?, for example, but missed you (damn Italy!) (Nah).

This is not something I would have believed the future had in store all those years ago when I was a regular guest there, or even better, that time when the bar only just opened and we were searching for it in a completely wrong part of town with the help of taxi drivers. By the way, that was 23 years ago. You’re welcome.

You sing about a worker who says that he has never been an anarchist but rather a hungry optimist.

Dear Vasja, keep doing what you do best, namely you. Tanti auguri and cin cin!

And book a gig, no matter where, for early August, will you, I want to be there!

Here is a post for your birthday in 2015 from my old blog that I still like.

And here are more photos from Duba, posted for your sister’s birthday last month, where your fans can also see you oben ohne, hehehe.

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