Here and now

Keep passing the open windows.
― John Irving (Quotation reblogged from Logical Quotes)

Or take them with you. These photos were taken just earlier on my way from the vet where Bestia got his regular maintenance.

I stopped the car, opened the windows and clicked first left and then right. I think there might be a storm coming.

If you click on a photo, you will be transported here and we can have some gelato.

Photo: © signature mmm

Meanwhile, on my new writer’s blog. (Sorry but I’ll keep telling you about that for a while, okay? Frankly, there is nobody else to tell. I don’t know if everybody is okay with it, even though Brian Lageose from Bonnywood Manor wrote just earlier: “I would happily peruse anything you wish to unleash upon the world. You have an uplifting spirit that comes across quite nicely…” To quote a friend: “Eeeeeeee.” One cannot aspire to hear much better in life. Thank you, Brian!)

So, on my other blog today three stories about three times when recognising somebody proved tricky. Until further notice I shall write little vignettes like these and worry about any of it not at all. This is how I would sound like if we should meet: I’d want to tell you about that time when… But this way is better because you don’t get to hear that Melanija accent. 😀

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  1. Ellen Hawley says:

    Gelato? Did you say gelato? You have my full attention.

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    1. Yes, Ellen, indeed I did. I passed a gellateria today and DIDN’T HAVE ANY! Now I’m so sorry.

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      1. Ellen Hawley says:

        Have one for me next time, would you? Ice cream’s all very well and good, but it’s not gelato.

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      2. Oh yes, gladly. You are very knowledgeable to know the difference (but of course you are, this is not a surprise). I used to think that ‘gelato’ was just Italian for ‘ice-cream’.

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  2. fkasara says:

    I love the approach and the “style” of the new blog! ❤❤ (and obviously I love also this one!)

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    1. Thank you so much, Sara. It feels strange starting a separate one. Your support is much appreciated.

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  3. Thank you so much for the mention, Manja! But enough about me. I’m excited to be a tiny part of this new journey that you are embarking upon. We should always be trying new things, in whatever form that might take. I do hope you relax and begin to feel comfortable about posting whatever you feel like posting. On my own blogs (whoops, we’re back to me, mea culpa), I’ve found that breaking the expectations of followers can invigorate your efforts. Yes, there will be a few folks who want you to keep doing that one thing they like and they may not appreciate the variance. But the best followers you can have are those folks who appreciate honest creativity in whatever shape you mold it, and those people will stick with you through the highs and lows. Best of luck, Manja. Spread your wings!

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    1. Thank you, Brian. Frankly, I’m not in the least concerned with expectations of followers. I’ve got so varied ones that if I wished I could obsess only about them. But I don’t since I don’t feel any pressure from them. It can be tough to act according to own expectations, though. 🙂 Especially if they refuse to crystallise. One thought I’ve always hated is that one lays eggs and then they rot away uneaten. This is what I’d hate to see – no matter how I can’t eat them myself. You are right though – new things are the way. *flap flap with new wings*

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  4. Oh gosh, it looks so summery there! Take me to the vet, too, please? And lets have gelato! 🌴 Over here, it’s still snowing almost daily, right now as we speak the snow is falling like on Christmans Eve in a fairy tale (except the real Xmas Eve here was grey and without snow)…. The ground is still grey because the snow melts as soon as it lands but wow this greyness and lack of color is depressing! I want flowers – and yellow fields like the ones in your pics! Leaves on trees would be nice for a change, too… Mamma mia… 😳 Ps which flavor gelato did you have?? 😋

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    1. Ooooh, girl! 😮 HOW DO YOU MEAN SNOWING? Goddddamn! Quick, a holiday! It’s my birthday in exactly one week, my parents are coming in two days, everything is blooming and you don’t even have green leaves! I’ll take you to the vet any time you wish, and we will stop for gelato, promise! 😀 Yesterday I didn’t have any, I’ll make up for it when parents arrive. I love the most chocolate, all kinds of nuts, cherry, mango… I’ll soon post some photos from a park in Rome, you’ll see. And more flowers, one day soon, just for you! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Yay, looking forward to your flowers!!! We have the same taste in ice cream – except nuts, I’m allergic. But chocolate, cherry, mango: Yes!
        The weather is like a bad joke. A very, very old, bad and tired joke. Visiting a vet in Italy is seriously starting to sound tempting to me…!!!! 😄

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      2. Hihihihih. Have your doctor direct you to an urgent Italian vet appointment. 😀

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