Apocalyptically yellow

Never one to count ill omens or signs of the beast or whatever, but this yellow and that Qatar bode no well. And now those bees in Rome too.

To explain and depict what I meant yesterday by our landscape having gone apocalyptically yellow, here is my environment and what is happening to it after a long time with no rain.

The first five photos were taken on the 24th of May and the last two are from exactly one week later, the last day of May. Now it’s another week later and it still hasn’t rained. You can imagine how it looks. A neighbour said “brutto”. Ugly.

As for Qatar and what is going on over there – suffice to say that the divide between it and Saudi Arabia and its allies is exactly something that could have the countries of the world lining on either side as it’s been feared, exactly as it’s happening yet. I read a weird article in The Guardian which tells so much, including the value of the watch a British Minister got as a present in Saudi Arabia (“yes, I know,” said amore, “Renzi got one too”) and how important this UK election will be regarding terrorism.

And today, today the news from Rome read: apparently a large beehive has formed in a subterranean passage in Piazza Fiume in the middle of Rome, in an area with lots of traffic and pedestrians. In the middle of everybody agreeing that bees are less and less and how necessary they are, they appear in such a way.

Maybe they took the directions too literally: “fiume” means “river” in Italian.

I do hope they are moved to a more suitable environment by a professional. Here they are:

And here is our green slowly disappearing. ♫♪ Annikuuuuniiii auaniiii. We need rain.

Photo: © signature mmm

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  1. Seriously speaking, climate change could be causing this stuff. At least here in the north, global warming is apparently all about our fours seasons becoming one all-years season, and I can already see that happening. Apocalyptic is the right word, but lets hope there is still hope!!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, SMSW, hope is the correct way. Even though today I feel really weird.

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      1. What do you mean weird?

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      2. Just hopeless for humanity. Today it’s better. 🙂


  2. Judith says:

    Here’s hoping for rain on those fields soon, though it looks as though it may be too late for this year’s crops.

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    1. Thank you, Judith. I’m glad I’m not a farmer myself. Such a thing would kill me. (Well, killing my own animals would kill me first.) I even stopped growing plants on my balcony because every summer everything dries even if we’re away just for a week. I know I could study things a bit more and plant stuff that survives. Maybe one day. Neighbours have such a lovely deep red bougainvillea and they spent most of the time away from here. They might have a gardener though.

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      1. Judith says:

        Balcony plants are the most susceptible of all – they depend on the gardener for everything – but bougainvilleas have deep roots and seem pretty tough. You might have a chance there, assuming you’re not trying for an edible crop!

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      2. No, nothing edible, even when the basil dried up I was sad for days. And mint. 😦 I have a patch of ground around the olive tree, I can’t call it a garden or even a yard, it’s bestia’s running ground when delivery comes. :p And not even grass survives there while we’re away in the summer. Thank you for your comments!

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  3. I wish I could send rain from here; we have had endless gray and cool days and lots of soakers. I will see if I can get anyone’s attention about this and make-up a care package of – rain…

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    1. Oh, Claudia, I think you just did, send the package. ❤ Sooner or later it has to fall. Thank you!

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  4. Joanne Sisco says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling gloomy. I’ve been in a dark mood the past several days too. Hope this gloomy dark passes for both of us.

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    1. Ahh, Joanne. *hugs* Say it’s the moon.

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      1. Joanne Sisco says:

        Exactly. I look back on the emotional crises I had this week around the full moon and think ‘what the hell was that all about?’
        Stupid moon.

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      2. Plus just got my period. Nuffff said. Hugs continue.

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  5. FlutePlayer says:

    “Those who labour in the earth are the chosen people of God … to labour then, let us never wish to see our citizens occupied at a work-bench” – Thomas Jefferson.

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    1. Thank you for your contribution. Goes well with “Omnivore’s Dilemma” that I’ve just been reading.


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