Happy birthday, oči B.!

Today celebrates my father. For now we are in different countries but there will be a reunion soon.

As I was gathering your photos from the past year, I realised that they were too many to be posted here, even for my exaggerated standards. We had so many lovely together times last year, both in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Piran, Kamniška Bistrica, Škocjanski zatok, Izola) and Italy (Vetulonia, the four autumn feasts). Good to see! I sent you those in another way, but now and here I wish to concentrate only on your and mom’s last visit over here in beautiful Maremma around my May birthday.

Recently you also started to cut down on sugar. I saw you reject gelato for the very first time (and also praise the one in Porto Ercole which is really good). Not bad at all.

All in all, it was a most excellent visit and these photos are a proof.

Photo: © signature mmm (+ that one by MeMa)

Happy birthday, father B., and I wish we make many more happy memories and visits. I also wish you health, of course, and some more of these twists from the song below, since you said a long time ago that you like it. Cin cin!

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  1. You are blessed to have such a wonderful father and to have visited so many beautiful places with him. All the images are gorgeous and the last one is actually a really interesting, eye-catching composition. Happy Birthday to your dad!

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    1. Thank you so much, Lisa. I’m glad it’s obvious at 20 glances. 🙂


  2. carol1945 says:

    I simply love this tribute to your father; I especially like the photo on the main page of him climbing the wall! My dad has been gone since 2009 and I miss his humor so much.

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    1. Oh, Carol, thank you so much, I’m sure you miss him. He was never climbing quite in such a way, more mountaineering, and we with him.

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      1. carol1945 says:

        I am so grateful my father gave me a love of nature, and I see yours did, too!!

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  3. awtytravels says:

    Tanita Tikaram, what a find! It’d been years since I heard her. Happy birthday Oci, may you return eating ice cream!

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    1. Hahha, thanks, Fabrizio. Dad still eats gelato, but instead of one every day of the week he had only the best one. 🙂 Now he’s baking salty instead of sweet pastries with ricotta. Some things will never change. 😀

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      1. awtytravels says:

        Ah, ricotta pastries… with spinach!

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