Nature, nurture and culture

What is required for a perfect summer weekend for 1000.

Without much thinking – it’s too hot to think – these three words appeared as common denominators of the 7×3 photos below: a bit of culture, a bit of nourishment and a bit of nature, rolled into last weekend.

First we had pizza and beer (every chemist could tell you that when it’s so hot, alcohol in beer has no effect – the body embraces beer in its totality with utmost gratitude and then you need a second one) in Piran’s Tartini square with the concert of Slovenian singer Anika Horvat as the backdrop. I translated her song “Good night, Piran” on my first blog.

The next day two brothers took us first to Lake Bohinj where I used to spend a week every year with my parents and friends. I was impressed how the younger brother took us from Kranj to Bled along small country roads while we could observe traffic stalling on the highway. Highly recommended!

As for Bohinj, in twenty years cars and visitors grew in size and there is a strict no parking regulation outside the official parking area. We saw many violators with penalties attached. We had a lovely picnic there and the brothers swam. Then we went up to the Savica waterfall which will get its own post soon. And in the evening a lovely lady from Sarajevo, Amira Medunjanin, was waiting to sing sevdah, traditional Bosnian songs, for us gathered in the packed “Okarina” ethno festival hall.

A lovely last joint weekend of this Slovenian summer. Thank you to all involved.

Photo: © signature mmm

Just a taste, from another time: “Why should we hide our love”

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  1. Joanne Sisco says:

    You always seem to have such a great time with your family. It doesn’t matter what you do 🙂

    I spent an afternoon in Bled many years ago and would love to return some day. I remember the main road being quite a journey to get there through the mountains. I can’t imagine what the back roads would have been like!!

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    1. Well, Joanne, this is what you get when you see them only 4 times a year or so (for a week or a month). 🙂 They are fun, that too. Yes, I remember about you and Bled, you had horrible weather, correct? I sincerely hope you come back, possibly when I’m around. And thank you!

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      1. Joanne Sisco says:

        You have a good memory! Yes, it was pouring rain – and still spectacular.
        It would be a delight to catch up with you in your corner of the world. Maybe someday we can make that happen 🙂

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      2. It would be a delight!

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  2. mexploring says:

    Looks like a recipe for a good life for me! Culture, nourishment, nature. And don’t forget connection (but you didn’t forget it, I see))).

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    1. Oh, Mex, good to see you around. This is exactly what I was thinking just earlier, a prescription how to live. And connect is what I do on here. 😉 Thank you!

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      1. mexploring says:

        It is good to be back 🙂 The summer got me drowned in it. Keep on on living your prescriptions! And I, as a student of the art of life, would go around collecting them ))) and I must learn to connect from you here 😉

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      2. Student of the art of life sounds grand too. How do you mean, learn to connect from me? Do you find me hard to reach? 🙂


      3. mexploring says:

        Sounds grand, let’s see where it leads to 😉
        I mean, I should learn to connect more. I still feel that I come here to write and share it out, but I am not as good at meeting the neighbors and reading my reader. And it is an important part of being a blogger, I believe. Building my own community. It seems that you are good at it, and should be my teacher 🙂

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      4. 😉 Hihi, teacher! I have a LOT of time. You need a lot of time to go through blogs that you follow, especially if you follow as many as I do. But I can’t help it, there are so many splendid bloggers around. And then you start lagging behind and it upsets you and you say, ah, it will be winter again and I’ll catch up. But yes, it’s a two-way process. Even though there are some blogs I follow even though they don’t care about me. 😀 And I’m sure some could say the same about me. As for meeting bloggers in real life, I’ve only met one. 😀 Life is long though…

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      5. mexploring says:

        Yeah, don’t underestimate your talents 😉 I also have a lot of time, but somehow I spend it differently (first, I sleep a lot, haha). When it comes to blogging, I am more the “writer” type than the “reader” type. I mean, writing it out (and waiting for the world to discover me :)), and not as much reading and following. The same happens in my Russian blog, I diligently read one blogger, and can forget my friends feed for a week. But I wish to establish new habit, as the blogging is a two-way process, as you say. I guess, curiosity is the key! How did you discover those splendid bloggers?
        Yeah, winter is soon, take it easy 😉 And I met 2 bloggers in real life, and I really hope to meet more!

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      6. Oh, yes, curiosity and openness. I have never searched by keywords, for example. I’m much more drawn to personalities than subjects. What I do is simply have a look at the blogs of all bloggers who find their way to mine. Some speak to me immediately, and those I keep around. If you ask how they find me – the most helpful thing has been taking part in photo challenges.

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      7. mexploring says:

        Interesting! I also check those who found me (not in summer obviously ))). And I want to be more proactive and find by myself, so I do keyword search from time to time. Taking part in photo challenges sounds very effective, that connects you to a greater community. I will consider that 😉 Thank you for ideas 🙂

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  3. joey says:

    Gosh, that looks like a fun time! I want to swim and drink beer and to eat whatever those bread type things are with the grill marks on them.

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    1. Hihih, alright! One Union beer and one lepinja coming up for Joey! It’s pronounced “lepigna” with the stress on ‘e’, and is the standard Bosnian accompaniment for čevapčići. Swimming is for those who like it chilly. 20 degrees C, I’d guess.

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      1. joey says:

        Oh I’m IN!

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  4. Words to live by: ‘a bit of culture, a bit of nourishment and a bit of nature’ Delighted that you had such a lovely werkend

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    1. Thank you, Lisa. 🙂 I always enjoy my days in the old country.

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