We are the winners

This Sunday we had our 15th annual garden tarock tournament. It all ended more than fine, rain included.

Even though many of the participants, including me, had to admit that we hadn’t played a single game all year since the last tournament, we are always happy to gather in the garden and remember why we like the game and each other’s company.

This year many were unable to attend due to various reasons, including kidney stones (ouuuuch!), but I hope next year it will be better. We had a new participant, the youngest of all, and he almost won too. No surprise there, he is the son of the champion.

I’d like to thank everybody for all the help, good company and good spirits, Duša for the first prize, but most of all I’m grateful for the rain. It started to fall just after the victory ceremony and cleared up the atmosphere and lowered the temperature. I’d almost forgotten how good it feels.

Hope to see you all and more next year!

Photo: © signature mmm (+ Jože + BM)

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  1. cwaugh212 says:

    I love the first prize. Beautifully done.

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    1. Thank you, Charles. 🙂 She’ll be happy to hear it.

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  2. Mama Cormier says:

    Congratulations on your win and the first prize is beautiful.

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    1. Thank you, Carol. 🙂 I think so too.

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  3. charlotteash says:

    Looks like fun! The drawing is gorgeous! How can you possibly mention those delectable dishes without sharing the recipes?! 😉

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    1. Thank you, Charlotte! 🙂 Everything was truly yummy, but none was made by me, so I can’t share because I don’t know it!

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  4. joey says:

    I love the sketch — is that watercolor, too? Love it.
    Is that peaches and cream?!?
    Also, I want to ask two questions about this ‘home’ of yours, if I may? One, are there mosquitoes there? Two, are apple trees found in the wild?
    I’m glad y’all had a good time.

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    1. Thank you, Joey. 🙂 Yes, I believe it’s a watercolor.

      Mmmm, yes, peaches and cream and Greek yogurt and who knows what else. I do know that it’s made without using the oven.

      This was indeed my home for some 25 years. There are plenty of mosquitoes, the repellent was passed around more than drinks. Your second question is more mysterious. I had a look at all the photos and don’t know what prompted you to ask about the apples. In Slovenia, there are still some old, high-stemmed apple trees indeed, but none in our garden. I think it’s safe to say that apples are the most common fruit in Slovenia. What made you ask?

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      1. joey says:

        I remember reading about how apple trees originated in Turkey and surrounding areas and stuff, and so I wondered if Slovenia still has apple trees in the wild. Like, we had chestnuts here and then there was a blight and now we don’t. So I wondered. And they’re tall, you say?

        My first linguistics prof was from Hungary and she said that many people from eastern European countries like to move here, because the landscapes are similar, and so I always think I’d like to go and see the other side of our similar landscapes. The more you post photos, the more similarities I see. General wonderings of someday. I appreciate the information.

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      2. Oh, now I see, thank you. 🙂 Similarly, I always wished to visit New Zealand, because there are the only other Alps in this world. You might have read about the apples in “The Botany of Desire”, I’ve seen the documentary recently. Where did your chestnuts go? 😮 We still have them and pick them regularly. (I should google ‘blight’.) Some apple trees are tall, the oldest varieties. But we have all sorts. True, many Slovenians moved to the USA too. For some reason most of them settled in Cleveland. I hope one day you make it here.

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      3. joey says:

        Yes, I meant my region, not just my country. Cleveland is still my region. (just about 6 hours’ drive) Still rolling hills and deep forests. Four equal seasons. *nods*
        A blight is a disease. They’re still trying to grow the original chestnuts, but we have some new varieties here.
        Now, in my region, apple trees are completely farmed and max out around 40 feet. The varieties here must be trimmed back to keep fruiting.
        IT WAS The Botany of Desire. Yes! I loved that book.

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  5. Yes! (Fist pump in the air). Fantastic and congratulations.

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    1. Yeah! I just taught my dog to gimme five. 😉 (Actually, a friend did it with biscuits.) Thank you, Claudia, I’m having such wonderful time here!

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  6. JT Twissel says:

    I’m not sure what Tarock is but Congrats!

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    1. You’re right, Jan, I forgot to mention it. It’s a Slovenian card game (it’s played in some other countries too, but differently). It’s played in threes (in fours too, but not at the tournaments). Some say it’s similar to chess, or bridge. I used to compete at national championships for ten years and won a couple of tournaments. I guess I was anxious to show the boyz what’s what. 😉 (There are very few women playing.) Since moving to Italy, this wish has been eliminated. I wonder why.


  7. Love all the happy faces and smiles! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

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    1. Thank you, Donna. 🙂 I’m glad it comes across.

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    1. Thank you so much, Farmgirl! 🙂

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  8. Joanne Sisco says:

    Congratulations on the big win and ousting your dad as champ! 🙂

    Great photos – I’m starting to think you are always smiling!!

    … and omg, the swiss chard strudel looks AMAZING!! … and I’m most curious about the zucchini and hazelnut pie. I make a zucchini cake, but this pie looks really interesting.

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