Who took my green?

Some weeks flow by faster than others, especially if you have work to do.

Work, of course, is a relative term but making and posting one black&white photo a day for the Seven Days challenge qualified. I say making instead of taking because I don’t take photos in b&w, I only make them such later on computer. Just in case, so that no colour escapes.

Also, I have no idea which images might make good b&w photos, so this week I carried my camera with me at all times and simply kept clicking and hoped for the best. I do it most of the time anyway, just that now I tried paying specific attention to patterns instead of colours. Especially greenery is kind of useless in b&w.

I did very well in following the instructions: one photo every day, no humans, no explanations. Until I didn’t. On the last day – which came much too fast, I was just starting to enjoy myself – I couldn’t decide which photo to post so I posted five. One had a human – but it was only me, and I was in deep shadow. Plus, I couldn’t stay quiet and had to explain (all this on Facebook).

As promised, now that it’s over I’m showing all 6+5 photos here. I’m curious to hear from you. Be honest. Do you like what you see? Is there a black and white future for me? Or should I stick to my colourfulness? In any case, it was a good exercise. Thanks again, Liz, for inviting me to play.

All of these were taken this week in immediate vicinity (say, a 2 km radius). And since this is not the challenge any longer, you can find some explaining in the captions. Click on an image to see it better.

Please see my next post and observe how they compare to the originals. Quite a revelation.

Photo: © signature mmm

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  1. dweezer19 says:

    These are great. 1,3 and 7 are my favorites. Black and white can be challening if you love life’s brilliance as I do. But I also love shadow and light. Often when I am not pleased with the outcome of a color photo due to light effects, I will process it in black and white with a surprising result. I love the tree shot too. I may have used a softening effect but the dramatic is great also. If you try a zoom and crop on your mirror reflection, leaving just a few leaves around it, like a natural frame, your reflection would then be the major foal point and the intricacies of the leaves would be very visible. These are all wonderful photos. What kind of snake was that?

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    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl. I appreciate the feedback. I’ll make one with the focus on leaves as you suggest. Oh, I love life’s brilliance too! That’s why I find this so hard. Frankly, normally I only make a b&w photo if I’m not happy with the original one for some reason. 😀 As for the snake, amore says it’s not poisonous and I believe him… What else can I do?

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  2. I think you have a talent for b and w. Keep on! Please!

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    1. Oh, Claudia, thank you. I shall just maybe not on the daily basis.

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  3. “It’s a traaaap!” 😀 … Anyway, lovely pics! But maybe stay with color, just because you’re in Italy (and sometimes in Slovenia) and it does seem like such a waste of green, orange, blue, pink, and other colors 🙂 (As for Helsinki, black and white might suit this town quite well!)

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    1. Thanks, SMSW, I’ll never let my colours go, but you know that. 🙂 Probably that’s why design is on such a high level in Finland… Because it’s black and white so much of that time.

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      1. Hahah!! Maybe!! I do love your BW pics too, but it’s very good to know you’ll keep doing your lovely colors! (I’m going to post my first black and white pic tonight, by the way!)

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      2. Oh, great, good to hear! Looking forward to it. And I’ve been taking sunny photos with blue sky for you ever since you told me of your snow.

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  4. Why choose use both! There are times I find myself in bad lighting, flat lighting, or the weather is gray, but I’ve found quite often those images work best in black and white. I love color so use it the most, but there are times when black and white works.

    I love your reflection framed by the leaves! I thought the boar was a Bull which of course you would take a photo of because- Taurus! 🙂 I still think he looks bullish. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Deborah! Hihih, no, no, it’s a boar, this area is knows for its boar. And you’re right of course, as if I have to eliminate one for the sake of the other! Long live both!

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  5. Rebel Girl says:

    I am still learning too but I think you took wonderful pictures.

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    1. Thank you so much, Rebel Girl. 🙂 Aren’t we all, learning all the time? I love that, slowly but surely.

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  6. I didn’t, je jure. Mais c’est très beau.

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    1. Merci, Mamie! 🙂 Are you sure? You always have lovely greens on your photos… 😉

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      1. Terrible you! 😉

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  7. lexklein says:

    I like the yucca tree best. I’m so-so on B&W – sometimes it makes a wonderfully stark statement, but in general, I like the play of colors. The yucca’s pattern, though, makes it a great candidate!

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    1. Thank you, Lexi. No wonder that my eyes went to it on the first day of the challenge. 🙂

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    1. Thanks. Good to see! 🙂

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