Are you watching?

Every new day is a reason for celebration. Here are my last ten days or so with a photo for each.

New days should be greeted like new lovers and babies toddling along a table looking back to make sure we’re watching.
Darnell Lamont Walker (quotation reblogged from Circadianreflections Blog)

Go ahead, day, I say. I’m always watching. I know how it is when you have notebooks to show.

In other news, I’ve just binge-watched my first full series and now have that overblown guilty feeling of a proud survivor of one-cartoon-per-night childhood. And yet, I did all three seasons in about as many days. I blame Charlotte. It was “The Fall”, and Ms. Gillian Anderson is particularly slick and vulnerable and everything in between as Stella Gibson. TV has come a long way since I stopped watching for a decade.

These are in the order from the oldest to the most recent. Click on a photo to enter the gallery.

Photo: © signature mmm

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  1. I know you’re always watching! You make so many beautiful images of the things you see. That sunset was glorious!

    Thank you very much for the pingback! I loved that quote from Darnell Lamont Walker. I’ve got to read more of his work!

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    1. Oh, Deborah, you’re very welcome! It’s very hard not to watch around here. 🙂 I haven’t checked him out yet and didn’t know him before.

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      1. Before finding that quote I hadn’t heard of him either. But I think he might be brilliant with writing like that. 🙂

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  2. JT Twissel says:

    Last thing I binge-watched was The Crown – which starts off boring but picks up steam. I was formatting a book for publication – and binge watching made the tedium a bit more bearable. Lovely photos as always!

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    1. Oh, yes, Jan, I’ve heard good things about it. I’ll make a pause though. This is strenuous watching! And thanks!


  3. charlotteash says:

    I’m glad you liked The Fall. I rarely binge, actually, but that is one I watched almost every day. Right now I’m serial watching Trapped which is Scandinavian Noir. Scandi’s are so good at that genre. Love all your pics but that pomegranite tree is badass!

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    1. Thank you, Charlotte, for this recommendation. I was quite blown away by Gillian’s character in The Fall. As for Jamie – even though I watched the Shades of Grey only very recently (only the first part, only for a laugh), I didn’t recognise him. Quite a disturbing role. I think I need a little pause now.


      1. charlotteash says:

        I’m happy The Kill was my first introduction to Jamie and he was phenomenal in the role. I haven’t watched Grey. Not interested. 😆

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      2. You mean The Fall, right? Or was The Kill something else? I couldn’t believe that was one and the same man. Talking about bringing it out from the actor.

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      3. charlotteash says:

        Yes, sorry. I mean The Fall. 😆

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  4. Love that photo and caption “A rose is a rose” 😀 hehehee!

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    1. Hehe, thanks, SMSW. But you do see the rose, right?

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  5. Neighbor doesn’t look happy lol maybe hungry 🙂 *sigh*

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