2018. And now? Next!

Whomp, there it is, 2018, or “awesome-nice” as the number 18 in Slovenian sounds like (osemnajst).

With the new year and my adorned heart that I wear on the windowsill comes the end on this blog. This one lasted only a bit over one year and a half, I guess those 20 photos per post are biting me in the ass now. It shall remain online as is but right now we are about to transfer our attention to my next blog.

And I mean right now. Save our sooooouuuulllsssss:


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  1. mexploring says:

    Happy new year, Manja! Cheers for the new beginnings!

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    1. Thank you, Mex, and have an excellent year too! I saw your posts and have them bookmarked to give them proper attention. And I’m glad you saw my new blog.

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      1. mexploring says:

        Wow, that makes me feel kinda special 😌 thank you)) I got very curious about why you started a new blog and what will happen with this one now. Maybe, you’ve mentioned it already on the blog. If not, maybe you will 😉

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      2. What will happen? Nothing! It will remain as is forever and ever until WordPress collapses. I will still check it for comments but I’ll only be posting on my next blog. The only reason is because I ran out of space. I started the other blog as a writing blog but only posted 7 posts in 7 months. :p Lazy! So now I’m turning it into my regular blog.

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      3. mexploring says:

        Manja of many places and blogs 🙂 I see I see. Is it possible to run out of space? 🙂 oii. Good luck for your new/old blog!

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      4. It’s possible. I did it twice. 😀 But it’s free…

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      5. mexploring says:

        So far so good 😉 So you use up the space of the free blog and move to the next? Sounds like a strategy 👍

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