This blog has moved!

Since this blog is about to burst, the action is moving once again. It’s the end of the year, it fits.

The new blog is called Mexi Movie the Third and it is here: 

It runs under the catchline Colouring by touch : altering by thought : fed by feeding. This is what blogging is for me: touching, rippling and feeding.

Photo: © signature mmm

New posts will now appear over there rather than here, so make sure you find the follow button (it is under Menu).

Here is a list of all the posts that are already on there since it had been my writer’s blog (blog, not block) for a while. These are non-fictional accounts in free form and format, snippets from my life that get stuck on the membrane for some reason and want out, for general enjoyment.

Click on READ ON in each point to be transported.

  • Blink and you’ll miss it:

    This is the first post on my new blog. Unlike my primary blog The Mexi Movie which is factual, communicative and fun, this one aims to be even more a case of a photographer imposing her vision on others, or, even worse, a writer stuffing you with words. READ ON

  • Police in the streets:

    ::: Samos No luck this time: we will have to return to the rent-a-scooter for the third time. This one is unreliable too. Sometimes it just won’t start. And Samos is a long island, with only one gas station in the middle. READ ON

  • Three on recognition:

    It’s the summer of 1987 and I keep returning to Divača. Nothing is there, except everything is. If those people knew where I live now, they wouldn’t be too pleased. The border is close. Over there, Italians are the enemy. There is as yet no highway, and they call their own style of driving “destroying the tourism”. Especially zero mercy is shown if the passing car is Italian: a sharp turn as if to hit it. To make the driver panicky. To show them they are on enemy territory. READ ON

  • Three feel-good moments:

    ::: Norwegian flag There are those Winter Olympic Games in Norway where everybody waves little Norwegian flags. And I mean everybody. I’m tucked away in my native Slovenia, only watching it on TV, but for some reason I find it cute and the flag itself aesthetically pleasing. READ ON

  • Two snakes:

    Last week I saw more snakes than in all four years before. Three: first the couple and then one more, closer to home. Dark, almost black they were. From my spot on the station that I occupy daily give or take I notice them frolic in the tall grass in the sun between the rails and the first house. READ ON

  • Bad smell

You know when you order clothes online and they don’t really fit but you can’t be bothered to send them back?

“Niko sent us,” he said, the boy I busted climbing over the fence to our garden. He showed me the map of the neighbourhood with at least four houses crossed out.

“These are the people who have ordered clothes online recently from Niko. He sends articles too small on purpose and then we are sent to bring them back. I earn 5.000 for each. Not bad.” READ ON

  • Basketball

Today I’m playing basketball again.
Or rather
I keep throwing the battered soccer ball,
left behind by two kids
of the family who moved out and on,
to the net-less hoop they had set up the pine tree
while the dog looks on
perplexed. READ ON