Birds’ wedding planner

In Slovenia it’s St. Gregory’s today, the day when birds get married. More on this pagan holiday which we call “Gregorjevo” here. It’s St. Valentine’s Day, Slovenian-style. I had planned to post other bird photos, but today as I went to buy groceries by the lagoon, as one does, certain aviators demanded attention. They can be…

Happy March 8!

Throwing flowers at favourite women because it’s today. They are coming over too, my two favourite women, first one and then the other. Party! And now let’s see how spring flowers come rolling in around here. No matter how many marches it takes, before we’re allowed to be free. Photo: © signature mmm

Not for a man

The title is part of a joke which I shall post at the end so that you’ll have to read it all. I have never been a huge fan of comics, that is stand-up comedians, but whenever I encounter one I tend to give it a shot. The one I remember the most is Tim…

Beasts and full moon

On a full moon you can understand what beasts are saying, or so they say (okay, I’m saying it now). But it might be that they are just laughing at us. The last time I posted the full moon, we had a score to settle with a different kind of beast. It’s a work in progress….

Bilingual bliss

Alert! This content might be unauthorised, even wildly fabricated. Photo: © signature mmm

CB&W + OWPC = Bestia

I’m not above black&whitening my favourite animal just so I can take part in Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge. Accidentally it’s a dog so it fits this week’s One World Photo Challenge as well. I love it the most when I can watch him run, even though my lens has trouble keeping up. This was yesterday. (Click…


Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. ― Philip K. Dick, “I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon” (quotation reblogged from Nigeriastreets) Photo: a © signature mmm production

Five Greek memories

Today I feel chatty. Here is a random Greece-based memory bouquet. To make it more challenging, stories shall be drabbles, of precisely 100 words. I notice that posts with more words than photos often go unread, or at least unliked (since this and comments are the only proofs of somebody reading). I know, merely looking is so much…

Flaming flamingos

They seem so pink from afar. But when you zoom in, they are mostly white. And then one lifts his wing a little, and then you know. They say it’s from the shrimps they get their pink. Who knew. I don’t say it often, but sometimes I could use a bigger lens. Sorry for the…

Little beasts of Ljubljana

Ljubljana ZOO put up an exhibition on the right bank of the Ljubljanica river this summer. I was a bit baffled by the selection of beasties on display. Not your usual ZOO material. What cheek must a city have to put an extra-large rat up like that, by the river and all. And how about that…

WPC: Nos-talgia

“Nos” means “us” in some languages and “nose” in Slovenian. Here is a nose our family fondly remembers. His name was Žak and he was our first dog. We found him in the trash the year NATO was crossing Slovenian sky in order to bomb Serbia, newborn, together with nine brothers and sisters, and ended up raising…

SL-WEEK 2-02: Grounded

Long live the tilt, the ground, the sky, the sea, the beasts that are we. Photo: a © signature mmm production For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 2-02: Ground

WPC: I’ve got a Quest-ion

The question of quest is an intriguing one. Let’s see what my random access memory escalator can bring to the topic. Marko Pavliha, Slovenian expert in maritime law, recently posted an article with the following paragraph (which I’ve translated myself from Slovenian, so help me dog if he doesn’t like it): “Homeland is, just like love or…

How much more stupid can everything get?

Stupid is what stupid gets. I think I first shed television. Did that feel good! No more browsing the channels trying hard to land the least stupid content, in the rare moments when I didn’t wish to be stupefied. I think the commercials did it. They were getting too annoying, loud and stupid for their own good….

Weekend scenes

Slowly back to normal. Photo: a © signature mmm production


Meet Whisky the neighbour. He might not look it, but he is very friendly. Photo: a © signature mmm production