WPC: Fok-us

“Fok” is something I might say when my super auto point-and-shoot decides to focus on something else than I would. Still, it makes for interesting pairings. I’m quacking from the heat as I’m touristing around new locations with my visitor and my dog who has seen it all and yet gives me the “ARE YOU…

Other ages

The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been. ― Madeleine L’Engle I took these in a matter of two minutes while descending some stairs in Ansedonia, at the end of our 12 km beach. They walked into my frame, so to speak, and my camera wouldn’t look…


If I go on with this pace, we shall reach December some time next summer. Still, here is my February. As I tried to compile a calendar post with a photo for each month, I got terribly sad for all those who’d be left behind. Here there are, twelve images from February. All were taken 15…

Surfin’ Ansedonia

Last week I went on an expedition, even though it was not the most well-lit day. I never knew I could spy on surfers and boar less than 15 minutes from my home. Our 12-km beach doesn’t get waves that would attract surfers, it seems, or at least I never caught them out. You must know…

Take it away, girl

A post in which I bow down low to the amazing, unrepeatable energy of Ms. Joplin. When you realise everything had already happened before you were even born. Damn, I wish I would write like she sang. And in a way I do. Just on the inside. See what she did to this Tommy the Cat….

WPC: My local beach

One of the grandest luxuries of my new home (well, fourth year running) is our local sandy beach. It is 12 km long and less than 2 km away from home. Since it is a part of WWF Nature Reserve, it is wild and in the off-season mostly deserted, if you don’t count optimistic off-shore fishermen….

Weekend scenes

Slowly back to normal. Photo: a © signature mmm production

SL-WEEK 48: Silhouette

I’ve just returned from Slovenia with a slight fever (and too many photos) and I can’t brain, therefore just a few slight silhouettes. First the last one taken during our stroll around Ljubljana which is such an amazing city that you really can’t believe it until you see it for yourself. More photos coming up in…

Happy sixty-ten, mom!

Since I’m with you these days, we better not waste time on computer, right? Therefore just a selection of some of my favourite photos of you, one of your poems and my translation. The last photo is rather revealing of your preferences, which becomes obvious to all who have read your book of poems. Here is…

SL-WEEK 46: Wind-erness

From slight breeze to something like a hurricane, we’ve got it. Photo: a © signature mmm production (except of me&mom – Photo: BM) For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 46: Wind