Who’s the real monster?

Monsters cannot be announced. One cannot say: “Here are our monsters,” without immediately turning the monsters into pets. ~ Jacques Derrida (quotation reblogged from raynotbradbury) Click on the first photo to enter the gallery. Location: Autonomous cultural zone “Metelkova City”, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo: © signature mmm

Your Slovenian graffiti whisperer

I recently posted some Italian public displays of emotions. Now Slovenia strikes back. Yesterday Snow that luckily Melts Somewhere else linked to my post among things that she finds inspiring, which spurred some not so favourable comments from Italians. I understand that if you have to pay for the removal of the graffiti, you don’t…

The mind is everything

Friday is a good day for a recap of what happened on here between two Thursday Door posts. It might become regular. And then we might hop down to the beach in Castiglioncello. Don’t worry, it will all happen in one paragraph. I just wish to give those who might have missed something a chance to…

Thursday Doors, September 22

Castiglioncello is a coastal town about half way from here to Cinque terre in the north, far enough from me that I went there for the first time with my uncle only now. I don’t think we did the usual scenic walk but rather found a graffiti-lined passage to a hidden beach. There is something about the sea…

Douglas Adams on present danger

It can be very dangerous to see things from somebody else’s point of view without the proper training. —Douglas Adams (quotation reblogged from Psychologist Mimi) Photo: a © signature mmm production