Last Sunday

This was last Sunday: Monte Argentario monastery laid out the view and the flowers for us. Well, for everybody who chose to drive those few kilometres half way to the top of Monte Argentario, the hill on the peninsula of the same name next to the Orbetello lagoon, right here on the Silver Coast (our…

Vision 20/20

And it’s not over yet. This is my sister’s visit in twenty images. Even with a single photo from each location (okay, and a bit more from home) I had to stop myself at 20. It begins and ends with colourful bits to bite with plenty in between, including the first use of bikini this year. Click…

WPC: Atop of the morning to ya

The title goes well with yesterday’s Fiesta, whereas the photos are two apiece from different tops I have climbed in my two countries. But first the last week on my blog lest I forget. There were quite a few topics: Last week’s subject of “wish” had me running for a pretty little church; I told you…

Surfin’ Ansedonia

Last week I went on an expedition, even though it was not the most well-lit day. I never knew I could spy on surfers and boar less than 15 minutes from my home. Our 12-km beach doesn’t get waves that would attract surfers, it seems, or at least I never caught them out. You must know…

WPC: Shiny crazy diamonds

For this challenge I’ve been enjoying collecting images with a certain shine to them. It can come from different sources. And yet, does it really? But first a short recap of the past week: I gave you our local beach.  I showed you our slightly pink flamingos from not so very close up.  I alerted you to…

Saturday in Orbetello

Last Saturday we encountered an open-air market by the Orbetello lagoon, right on the other side to where the flamingos are. Photo: a © signature mmm production

WPC: My local beach

One of the grandest luxuries of my new home (well, fourth year running) is our local sandy beach. It is 12 km long and less than 2 km away from home. Since it is a part of WWF Nature Reserve, it is wild and in the off-season mostly deserted, if you don’t count optimistic off-shore fishermen….

Thursday Doors, September 15

Isn’t it nice that you can always count on Norm and Thursdays and doors? Just in time too, so that I can go in search of new ones. These are from the last roaming with uncle in May. Photo: a © signature mmm production For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

WPC: Details make the world go round

Those who are doing nothing but waiting for the big thing are missing out. It’s details that make our lives worth living. Blessed be all those who know what they want, who have desires and ideas. Just like every day they will fill today with something, no matter how little, modest, barely visible. —Duško Radović I’ve always been taking…

Those people

Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. -Isaac Asimov

SL-WEEK 46: Wind-erness

From slight breeze to something like a hurricane, we’ve got it. Photo: a © signature mmm production (except of me&mom – Photo: BM) For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 46: Wind

MM 3-7: Monochrome Stubbornness

Sometimes I’m a bit on the stubborn side. Or let’s call it persistent. When I feel a photo, I don’t care about how bad it is technically. So here we have it, Orbetello from the monastery half way to the top of Monte Argentario. Why would anybody boast their meagre zoom like this? It made me happy,…