WPC: Top ten roads taken

I love this week’s Photo Challenge theme: The Road Taken. So that it’s not always just her wicked stepsister. We can moan all we want, imagine what could have happened to the moon and back, and yet there is nothing more useless than wondering about the road not taken. As if we could ever go back and…

Orvieto bench

I was at the Orvieto train station many times, since it’s there where I pick up my guests who come by train, but this bench is a recent discovery. It was made by the members of local rehabilition centre “L’albero delle voci”. I can only say grazie. Photo: a © signature mmm production

La voglia di vivere

Lust for life. Italy needs a shout-out today after a scary, devastating earthquake tonight in Lazio and Umbria. Inspiring Orvieto was spared this time but this year it shook already, as is its habit. We live on the other shore of Italy, therefore we were able to sleep through it. These are some of my…

Thursday Doors, July 21

Since it’s my sister’s birthday today, I’m glad to let her be the photographer behind (or is it before) this week’s Thursday Doors. She loves doors too, you see. Thank you, sis, and cin cin! Photo: KLU For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge.

Almost forty is a new orange

Today celebrates my zen & funloving sister. I found a fitting card and thought of leaving it at that. Nah, cute but not true. First I’ve gathered together some of my favourite photos that you took while visiting me. I like your views, they are similar to mine but more stressless. Photo: KLU Featured photo: Vatican…

WPC: Partners, and very rarely panthers

All partnerships are sometimes pantherships, that is to say – beastly. Let’s see who they can consist of: Photo: a © signature mmm production (unless otherwise indicated in the caption) In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Partners