First poppies

My Sunday. I invite you along – just click on the first photo and be sucked in. Photo: © signature mmm


May I interest you in twelve images from last May for my calendar 2016? It is my birthday month, that’s why it’s probably my favourite. And the nature plays along too. ADD-IT: I’ve just realised that I only posted ten photos, rather than my usual 12 as I did for other months. Fixing that with…

SL-WEEK 2-02: Grounded

Long live the tilt, the ground, the sky, the sea, the beasts that are we. Photo: a © signature mmm production For Sylvain Landry’s SL-WEEK 2-02: Ground

WPC: Mirrorised

First, a favourite sentence from a favourite recently read book that happens to mention a mirror (and a portly woman). It’s a joke. She was convinced that she was anorexic, because every time she looked in the mirror she did indeed see a fat person. —“Good Omens”, Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman And now several photos of…

Thank you for the happy genes

My grandmother on my mother’s side, baca Nada, was born on this day. We always had a blast. Thank you, baca, I’m feeling the happy gene pool, and keeping on filling it. In the poem you liked reciting to me in several languages, beautiful Vida is whisked away to a foreign country. Well… how can I…