The Spying Reserve

Welcome again to the nature reserve on the Slovenian coast where you can spy on wildlife and find ready-made frames for your images. In this heated, dry weather here in the south of Tuscany, as we are waiting for some rain to green back the landscape after it has gone apocalyptically yellow, I thought a memory from cooler…

WPC: Dense all days

This is Piran, Slovenia – dense all days. In the best sense possible. But first, as usually in the weekend, past week on my blog. I don’t know if these recaps are useful to anybody, but to me they give a sort of closure and a reminder of how time flies and that another week is gone…

Five windows of my soul

All these five windows must reflect some of my soul, or why else would they, out of all windows, draw my camera’s attention? Let’s have a closer look. These photos were all taken along Slovenian coast on the same day. Have a good Monday! Photo: © signature mmm

Thursday Doors, January 5 2017

I’m glad to present the first 2017 edition of Thursday Doors. The featured door is the most like me: broad, dishevelled, of uncertain age, unclear what it wants to be, most certainly not parallel, and yet charming and instantly win-me-overable (hehe). If you are a door and you need a review – be my guest. And…

Thursday Doors, December 29

These doors are fresh from the oven (as my Christmas biscuits from Siracusa will be soon – they were so popular that I’m having my second go at them). Today was lovely: first we went to the nature reserve Škocjanski zatok – first three photos – and then we visited Izola, another town on (short)…


The first day in Piran I spent in its neighbours Portorož (Portorose) and Lucija. It happens. Something completely different. Photo: a © signature mmm production

What we have is ourselves

What we have is ourselves, and that is all we can really write about. —Dinty W. Moore Photo: a © signature mmm production