Five windows of my soul

All these five windows must reflect some of my soul, or why else would they, out of all windows, draw my camera’s attention? Let’s have a closer look. These photos were all taken along Slovenian coast on the same day. Have a good Monday! Photo: © signature mmm

Thursday Doors, January 5 2017

I’m glad to present the first 2017 edition of Thursday Doors. The featured door is the most like me: broad, dishevelled, of uncertain age, unclear what it wants to be, most certainly not parallel, and yet charming and instantly win-me-overable (hehe). If you are a door and you need a review – be my guest. And…

Thursday Doors, December 29

These doors are fresh from the oven (as my Christmas biscuits from Siracusa will be soon – they were so popular that I’m having my second go at them). Today was lovely: first we went to the nature reserve Škocjanski zatok – first three photos – and then we visited Izola, another town on (short)…


The first day in Piran I spent in its neighbours Portorož (Portorose) and Lucija. It happens. Something completely different. Photo: a © signature mmm production

What we have is ourselves

What we have is ourselves, and that is all we can really write about. —Dinty W. Moore Photo: a © signature mmm production