Letting the sun go down

All colours in four minutes. Not a fire, just the sun saying goodbye for now. This was about ten days ago on the road, as I was taking my parents home from Orvieto where they had gotten off the train. The colour depended on how much I zoomed in and how far from the sun I pointed. As…

Four years in eight minutes

It was on this day four years ago that I landed in Tuscany. For a reason, not just for a season. The best way to round it up is thus: Time moves slowly, but passes quickly. ― Alice Walker (quotation reblogged from Logical Quotes) Amore agrees: it doesn’t seem like four years at all. I…

Vision 20/20

And it’s not over yet. This is my sister’s visit in twenty images. Even with a single photo from each location (okay, and a bit more from home) I had to stop myself at 20. It begins and ends with colourful bits to bite with plenty in between, including the first use of bikini this year. Click…

Sunset cocktail

A sunset last week and its African cocktail colours. Photo: © signature mmm

Little terrazza

Hello, people! I’m waving from the top of the “Skyscraper” building. Here are some dear views of Ljubljana. The terrazza, from where I took these photos in early January, has its own evergreen song: “Little terrazza, underneath Ljubljana. We went to the top of the Nebotičnik (=Skyscraper) to forget the sad room we live in, too small…

Yesterday’s spectacle

First I noticed a strange glow and then I ran outside. Sometimes I forget it’s showtime. Photo: a © signature mmm production

WPC: A tiny problem

In photos, a sunrise and a sunset combined and the full moon from two months ago. The one coming on Monday will be bigger but still tiny in comparison to almost everything else. But first, one hundred words that burst out today: “We’ve got a tiny problem, Jefe.” “Yeah, which one now?” said _____. He opened…

WPC: Shiny crazy diamonds

For this challenge I’ve been enjoying collecting images with a certain shine to them. It can come from different sources. And yet, does it really? But first a short recap of the past week: I gave you our local beach.  I showed you our slightly pink flamingos from not so very close up.  I alerted you to…

The sky is the limit

The limit of my belief-system, that is. What is beyond, I don’t (wish to) know. And yet sometimes it gets a little flaunty. Here are ten minutes of yesterday. Photo: a © signature mmm production

Weekend scenes

Slowly back to normal. Photo: a © signature mmm production