Know your swan costume

Get my Swan costume ready. —Last words of Anna Pavlova, quotation reblogged from Almost Italian Photo: a © signature mmm production

Thursday Doors, September 22

Castiglioncello is a coastal town about half way from here to Cinque terre in the north, far enough from me that I went there for the first time with my uncle only now. I don’t think we did the usual scenic walk but rather found a graffiti-lined passage to a hidden beach. There is something about the sea…

Return of the Uncle

The return of the Uncle is happening tomorrow. On this occasion I’m posting some of his Nokia phone photos from his most recent visit in May. He is the one who brought you amazing images of Morocco. This is what he saw around here. (Photos enlarge considerably upon clicking.) Photo: © mtc Benvenuto!

WPC: Up there in my tree

What all I would have missed if I didn’t look up right then? Photo: a © signature mmm production In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Look Up

WPC: Partners, and very rarely panthers

All partnerships are sometimes pantherships, that is to say – beastly. Let’s see who they can consist of: Photo: a © signature mmm production (unless otherwise indicated in the caption) In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Partners

WPC: Photographer in my spare time

This is how I view the world around me in my time to spare. Which is all the time. The first photo is from Talamone, but all the rest are from the same day in Roma and Vatican about a month ago when Roma was celebrating its birthday and security was heightened. Photo: a © signature mmm production…