A trip example that wasn’t

A few days ago we went to see the castle. What we found was something completely different. Here is an example of how sometimes you don’t get exactly what you expected. Here is a photo of the lovely Castello del Boccale just before Livorno, seen on Facebook (the first photo in a large folder with…

Lily Island

This morning I woke up and thought of lilies and islands. The first time he took me there was during my first visit of him and Italy. No talk of the future (and barely any talk at all since his English was still in the making and my Italian was only theoretical), no worries and no dog….

Surfin’ Ansedonia

Last week I went on an expedition, even though it was not the most well-lit day. I never knew I could spy on surfers and boar less than 15 minutes from my home. Our 12-km beach doesn’t get waves that would attract surfers, it seems, or at least I never caught them out. You must know…

WPC: My local beach

One of the grandest luxuries of my new home (well, fourth year running) is our local sandy beach. It is 12 km long and less than 2 km away from home. Since it is a part of WWF Nature Reserve, it is wild and in the off-season mostly deserted, if you don’t count optimistic off-shore fishermen….