MM 3-35: Monochrome staircase madness

“Take the elevator,” he said but I had a hidden agenda.

Seeing that the photos were taken in these lovely pastel hues, why would I need to invent these monochromes at all, as if I was some sort of mad photographer? Oh well, just a bit of fun.

Anyway, this building in Monteverde, Roma is a work of art. And it makes you wonder how many others like it there are.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

For Leanne Cole’s MM 3-34: Monochrome Theme


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  1. Dan Antion says:

    Those re beautiful photos, some look like optical illusions.

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    1. Thanks, Dan. I guess they do indeed. Imagine how it was to witness it!

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  2. joey says:

    I agree with Dan, very optical illusion-y. It’s a stunning building, so original, it looks wonderful either way, but in some, I miss the color and in others, the monochrome heightens the drama. Nice post!

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    1. Thank you, Joey! As I said, I cannot begin to guess what hides in other similar buildings…

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  3. jan says:

    Wow, incredible architecture – although I don’t know how you got those shots without getting a touch of vertigo… Architect must have been influenced by Escher.

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    1. Hehe, Jan, thank you and you’re right, Escher does come to mind. Looking up was not problematic, but for looking down I had to brace myself first.

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  4. I feel as if I am in one of those curly seashells. Astoundingly beautiful and you captured it 100%.

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    1. Yeahh, Claudia, that’s it: inside the shell! Thank you for nailing it and kind words.

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  5. Suvi says:

    Fabulous! The old buildings in Helsinki have gorgeous staircases too but I haven’t dared enter to take photos… Yet.

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    1. Oh yes, Suvi, dare! I’d love to see it! Of course it’s easier if you’ve got a key. 😀 His father lives in this building.

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  6. wonderful shapes and structures… …like your photos very much.

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    1. Yeah, Markus! And this means to me very much. Thank you!!

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  7. Amy says:

    Awesome shots of staircase! Well done!

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    1. Thanks so much, Amy, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it.

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  8. Very beautiful house (except maybe for the dirty window! A little shove back into reality!) My fave is the first color photo: those decorated glass doors and the black and white floor tiles.!!!!!! I want them!!

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    1. Hihi, ok, SMSW, it’s yours! 😀 As for the window – I had a look up close and it seems to me it will always stay in this way… the last painters were not really tidy. 😀

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  9. fkasara says:

    So cool 😍 When visiting the Vatican Museums I enjoyed taking pics of the Bramante staircase, probably the most photographed ever 😂

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    1. Thanks, Sara. I bet there are more wonderful staircases like this one to be discovered around Roma. And yes, I took some shots of the one in Vatican Museums as well. Here:

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  10. Judith says:

    Beautiful staircase and photos. Although the marble is impressive when you’re looking down I especially like the photos looking up where the image is simplified and almost abstract.

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    1. Thank you so much, Judith! I was barely breathing in there. Somebody gave a lot of thought and consideration to this upward view.

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  11. awtytravels says:

    Ah, how much I miss those 1900-1920s buildings that had so much space for staircases and where being flamboyant wasn’t due to cost… I’m daydreaming of living somewhere where the landing is made of a single swab of stone, as it was so common in such buildings in my hometown!

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    1. Glad to spur memories. 🙂

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