Oh Siena

In a crowded place like Siena, one cannot not capture strangers in photographs. I wonder, together with The Snow Melts Somewhere (else, luckily), if they had all put make-up on, knowing they would end up in my photo.

As we were sitting on the steps of Siena Cathedral yesterday, right in the middle, in front of the most beautiful doors, facing numerous cameras and selfie sticks and tablets, I was wondering if there was an internet search tool that could search photos by date and time and location. In this way I’d have plenty of new photos of me all of a sudden.

And when bestia was drinking water off my hand in the famous square where that bareback race is run, uncle remarked that a guy was taking numerous photos of us quite openly. If anybody comes across these photos, please notify me here.

In the meantime, I was shooting them right back of course, people, tourists, passers-by, whether I wanted to or not, as I usually do.

I’ve been thinking a bit about my unwritten rules. If you happen to pass by my lens, I’ll wait for you to pass, but if you go together well with everything else in the frame – sorry but not sorry – I’ll click. I will never search for you paparazzi-style and focus on your face. I will never follow you around, no matter how interesting you are. I will never start with you and build a photo around. Rather, I will use you for the sense of proportion, or direction, or life.

No need to put up make-up just for me though – I’ll much rather take you as you are.

So there are several people in the photos that follow, but the starring role goes to the city. Let’s see how it is there.

Photo: a © signature mmm production

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  1. Norm 2.0 says:

    I just showed Honey your pics and we both sighed from the wonderful memories of our visit there around the same time 3 years ago.
    You’re right of course, in popular places that are crawling with tourists you do the best you can. Anyone who doesn’t want to be in your photo, well they just need to move 😃

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    1. Thanks, Norm, I’m glad to make you both sigh. 🙂 It’s one amazing town, that’s for sure, but also especially crowded. I explained uncle the concept of photobombing but he wasn’t willing to have a go. 😀

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  2. Maggie C says:

    Great photos and narrative. Those women in the shopping photo are definitely posing. Must have seen your camera.

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    1. Hahah, must have been born to pose! Thanks, Maggie!

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  3. Great shots! I love Siena, it’s so beautiful. Actually, all of Tuscany is beautiful. As for the people, I used to avoid them like the plague, but now I try to include them if they add visual interest to the shot. And, of course, I do lots of street photography, where people are almost always subjects. I’m not a paparazzi, although here in LA when people see you with a large camera they immediately assume you are one and start looking to see if there is a celebrity around… 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Angela! I remember that special feeling in LA, everybody could be somebody, they don’t just look like them. The only one I spotted was Thurston of Sonic Youth in MOCA. 🙂

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  4. First of all, amazing photos!!!! Those buildings, clouds, everything… The one with the hand next to the paw is adorable. Secondly, thanks for following up on this subject! Interesting to hear your take on it.

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    1. Thank you, SMSW, for starting it. I never really people-watch as such, inventing narratives and all, but I guess many do, and photograph them as well. As for you personally, I’d love to just see you, make-up or not. 😉

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      1. That’ll happen probably sooner in real life than on the blog 🙂

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  5. Mama Cormier says:

    Sienna is one of the places I really wanted to go to on our last trip but it wasn’t to be. Next time for sure.

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    1. Mama Cormier, it is rather spectacular, its mere setting, its ups and downs, only then come the individual buildings, even though they alone are out of this world. Thank you for the follow too.

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      1. Mama Cormier says:

        I can’t believe I hadn’t followed you sooner.

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      2. Oh, maybe you followed my first blog. This is the second one and a re-follow was necessary.


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