Tale’s tail

In my previous post I describe the feelings I had while walking around Old Ljubljana. Nothing like books to ground me, I said and entered a familiar shop at last. And yet they are dying out, old shops and books, like Partisans, Polar bears and hippies.

It’s not very surprising. Even I, who was the last to get a mobile phone and who fight modernisation wherever I can, even I have got myself an e-reader with more e-books that I’ll be able to read in my lifetime. And yet I’ve bought at least ten new firm-bodied ones on top of that in the last few months.

With similar half-guilty feelings I entered my favourite used books shop but the guilt vanished at the scent. Alas, it was closing-time, in more ways than one. We caught the good old times by the tale’s tail.

Here is my booklist, the collection of book titles that are one person’s opinion of the most there is. I cannot give you anything more precious that this.

And here are some photos of how it rolls nowadays.

Photo: © signature mmm

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  1. dennyho says:

    Your book list is quite extensive!!! And I have read a few of them but did not get through half the list. Will go back to it later. Thanks for sharing these favs.

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    1. Thank you, Denny. This is a collection of favourites by a variety of people, not my own. You are warmly invited to leave your own favourite(s) in a comment under the list. Always welcome!

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      1. dennyho says:

        Yes, I realize this and I am thinking of some of my own to add but need to look more closely so I don’t duplicate! I already see some of my favs already here….

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  2. joey says:

    That hallway is magnificent!

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    1. Thank you, Joey, I think so too. Plus it points to dichotomy of today.

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  3. JT Twissel says:

    I want to go live in the universe of hippies and used book stores (not sure about the polar bears…)

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    1. Jan, yeah! And you forget the Partisans. 🙂 They were fighting Fascism when it was still fashionable and in power. Not that now it’s any different.

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  4. You may think it funny but I believe I may have stepped into the same bookstore while in Ljubljana. And I don’t usually go to bookstores. BTW, I checked the Airbnb listings for rentals in Ljubljana. It’s a bit pricey than other places. But there’s still time, so I will keep searching 🙂

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    1. Oh, Sunny Days, this comment of yours went to spam for some reason. I believe you, it’s quite centrally located. Sadly, I don’t know anybody who is renting. You can always ask me for opinion when you’re choosing as to location, for example.

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      1. Thank you Manja. I will when the time comes. I didn’t realize that location could be crucial when a friend told me this morning that she rented an apartment on Airbnb in Spain and it was at a very unsafe neighborhood. So yes that piece of local/expert advice could be lifesaving 🙂 Thank you so much!

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      2. I don’t think Ljubljana has any unsafe areas at all. But I can still be of use. 🙂

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      3. You would be my lovely guide of the area 🙂

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      4. I’d love to do it in person but I’m going back to Tuscany in a week or so, until New Year’s.

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  5. ms6282 says:

    I think there are many of us in the same boat. So many books 📚 to read, so little time to read them!

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    1. Oh, yes, that’s how it is… Better than opposite. Thank you for what appears to be your first comment on my blog. 🙂


      1. ms6282 says:

        A regular reader if shy to comment!! 😉

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      2. Good to hear about regular, no need of shy. 🙂

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